A Tip for all you Necroposters

Have you ever wanted to necrobump discretely, but not have the topic be closed? Well, I have the right solution for you! You can reply without anyone knowing by toggling topic bump by clicking the arrow next to the topic title you are replying to!

I don’t know exactly how this feature would be used, but it is good to know.

Sneaky Necroposts incoming!!!

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This is very epic.

Bawk! (Why the hell am i seeing posts from last year :angry:)

Who are you? Are you Chuck?

Cuck-A-Doodle-Doo! (I am the being of mass destruction put inside the body of a chicken)

Tipically chickens. I’ve killed many of them in Nilgarf…

Bawk! (Bold to assume that i myself am a regular chicken)

Time to test, what do you think of KFC?

  • Salty
  • Good
  • Bad
  • Tastes Like Chookan

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It is confirmed, he is no normal chicken. Take cover in mage city guys.

cool, but i would rather necrobump

Well then what is the point of replying if nobody is going to notice that anything changed?

I am so happy now that i can post on a dead thread with out the whole community going for my head! this is truly a miracle.

Wait, I think u need to be Respected to use that

Meta, you will regret pointing this out lol

proceeds to necropost the topic about not necroposting

Madlad out here

it doesnt work

i cant find the toggle topic bump thingy
halp .-.

Don’t worry, just necrobump, no one will notice…