A text based roleplay I want to try with you guys

Hello! My username is Paologamer16, but I am more commonly known by my friends as Idolias/Ido. Today I bring to you bored and creative players something that you might enjoy! For a bit of backstory, around a year ago while I was in a guild (PoTM) I had come up with the idea of using some of my creativity to make a text-based RP game. Seeing as it had become an initial success within the first players, I decided to make a new game that I wanted to try on new folk, so where else do we go but to a game community?

To give an example of how it works, its a relation between Game Master (me & possibly someone who I deem trustworthy and capable) and player (you). The game will have basic interaction in which you the player describes what you want to do, and to talk to someone in-game you have to use “Quotes” to facilitate the experience. As a Game Master, my job is to describe what happens and that’s it. If you ask me something like: ‘Can I reach it?’ I will leave it unanswered. If you tell me something like: ‘I try to reach it’ this will be an action that you will perform. The game is also luck based, using a bot called Dice Maiden which allows a totally randomized dice roll by the player. One thing I do want to make clear is that breaking the 4th wall is not allowed, that means sharing information to other players, or using your real-life knowledge on things like for example making bread when you haven’t learned how to do that in-game. (If you couldn’t tell yet, this text-based RPG is a discord server)

The Game

The name of the game is Six Crown, the reason for this name is slightly hidden and abstract. It is a fantasy apocalyptic world with its own natural laws and reasons.

What do I do?

In the game, you can do multiple things; Fight, explore, talk, learn, experiment, etc. What you do is of your own choice, but as a Game Master, I will try to spice up the gameplay a bit.

How do I join?

Currently, I am using a test server so that things can be more clean and controlled. If you decide to join and give it a try, then go for it! If you didn’t like it, then you can leave and I will understand. I’ve dealt with multiple players disliking how the game works, and I understand that too, but sadly that’s just the way I decided to make the game.

Here is an invite link to the Test Server. It has a total of 10 uses and it will never expire, if you decide to join, welcome! If you have doubts about joining, make sure to write down those doubts so I can be capable of answering and give you as much feedback as I can.

Invite: https://discord.gg/a25V9H3

any questions can be made in the comments as well, thank you for your time

wait a minute…
arent you the former owner of PoTM?

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ok ty for telling me

uh yes, why do you ask? xd

i recognized your name from you saying you were on a guild named PoTM

oh ok, well, thanks for recognizing me? have a good day xd

also the discord link dosent work

So DnD but in Vesteria…?

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If you ever need a 3D Modeler you can PM me. I can make stuff like in vesteria, vesteria is simple.

its not about vesteria, hence why i added it on off topic. I made a topic about this question, and pretty much if i shouldnt be doing something like this, i will take down the post. this is an original game idea which for now remains on a discord server

the help would be really apreciated, i tried 3d modelling a couple times, but proved uncapable of learning it xd. although the models would be mainly for referrence since the game is on text. I do have referrence art and creatures already for the game.

em ido.
the discord link dosent work.

oh really? well fudge, let me fix it

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yeah, now it does