A Statement on the Removal of the Testing Realm for the Public

Hey, Vesteria. Davidii here.

Recently we made the decision to remove public access to the Testing Realm. We understand that this has created no small amount of consternation among our community, especially among our dedicated theory-crafters. However, one of the cornerstones of our design philosophy for Vesteria is “discovery.” In order to preserve the organic feeling of discovery that we want to create, we felt that Testing Realm had to go.

We understand that in its absence there is a hole felt, even in places that we all agree there should not. For example, we kind of liked that it was a low-risk environment where you could determine whether or not you enjoyed a subclass. For this facet of Testing Realm and others, we are looking into solutions that mesh more comprehensively with our design goals.

In my ongoing effort to maintain transparency, I felt that letting this pass without some kind of statement would be counterproductive to our efforts to maintain good relations with our community. We are sorry for the inconvenience that the loss of the Testing Realm has caused you, but, put simply, we care far more about making the game we want to make, even if we aren’t very good at it all the time.

I hope you can be patient as our small team prepares a solution that makes us all happy. In the meantime, please keep enjoying Vesteria.

May we all be refined in Terul’s crucible!
– Davidii


That’s one way to continue focusing on your overall vision

May we all press F to pay respects for the loss of the testing realm?
its totally not like testers still have access to it

f, I need 5 characters at least to post this


Yea cuz now players cant just rely on testing relm and now they just have to hope for the best.

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Realm was really useful for testing out new class builds before you wasted your stat tomes. (According to a screenshot I saw) Berezaa said it was removed because of people using scrolls for fake weapons and to get free runes. If such is true, why not just remove those from the testing realm?

By locking access to the stat build realm to testers, you give your testers an enormous advantage over regular players. It will attract the kind of people to apply who want to have an advantage, rather than helping out with the development of the game.


Fair argument.


Being able to risklessly test out stat builds is a big problem for what we believe to be the integrity of the game. We understand that it’s convenient, but we want to preserve the mystery and experimentation that the game inherently has. We do understand and agree that it’s far too easy to get locked into a bad choice, which is why we’re looking into new, different ways of respeccing characters.

We leave the testing realm for what it was intended to be… a realm for testing.

Edit: I should also add that testers abusing their access to Testing Realm strictly to “gain an advantage” and acquire head starts on theory crafting will be punished with demotion. That is not an intended consequence, nor do we intend to let it happen.


ay we’ve seen this before, deja vu is kicking in

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And to add on to this, testers still have access to the Realm, and they can flex their weapons there too still.

F (I needed 5 characters to post this)

Testers are not allowed to share images of testing realm or mirror world, including images of weapons created there, except with staff/other testers.

As sad as I am to see the testing realm go, after seeing this post, I do have to agree on some of the points, although I believe it could be managed better. Good luck with your vision and I hope you guys could develop the game according to the roadmap you have posted last month.

They can give a screenshot of a weapon without its background, not knowing where it came from.
Some may just do it.

I’m glad that I was able to get a full detail on why it was removed from us.

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It didn’t have a particularly large effect on me, however I can argue that my Cleric build would be more powerful if the Realm was still here.

davidii is much better at maintaining PR than berezaa, good post




More easily accesible options to test and respec things, especially through Vesra’s grace, would make that discovery feel much more fun. I think the eventual rebirth update would help with this, as you could, if you didn’t like a subclass that much, just rebirth and not feel as if you wasted your time.

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