A Sniper Ranger Build

So, I need a good sniper-ranger build for a friend.
Can Anyone tell me one?

Full str.
Moglo Mask.
Sandshulker gear.
Fierce bow and Fierce dagger as well.

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Anyone know what the best chestpiece is for assassin (but not ravager vest)?

Sandsulker vest

I use
90 str
50 dex
4 int
5/5 rock throw
3/5 regen
10/10 barrage
3/10 execute
7/10 shunpo
(I don’t know about the skills, I may be wrong about the exact number of skill points.)
10/10 ranger’s stance
10/10 hail of arrows
moglo mask clean
ranging gear
sandshulker boots

Fierce Ratty Vest.

My Layout for my Ranger is:
10 INT
30 DEX (or however much for two arrows)
104 STR
5/5 Regen (never use)
3/5 Rock Throw (never use)
10/10 Execute
10/10 Shunpo (going to replace w/ Barrage if I can get a tome)
10/10 Ranger’s Stance
10/10 Hail of Arrows
Sandskulker Boots
Sandskulker Vest +8 (only until I can get Fierce Ratty Vest, farming for that on an alt rn)
Aviator’s Cap (only until I can get Moglo Mask, seriously the drop rate is incredibly low)
Tuaa Bow +14 (b/c Splintering)
Spider Fang Dagger +10 (trying to get Fierce, no luck so far)

Don’t get barrage just yet, it’s still broken.

I accidentally got it on my trickster just to realize it’s still broken
hope they fix it soon

Big F, I hope they change it soon too.

well my build is
something like 130 str
50 dex
6 int(wanted 5 but i only found a keen icicle)
+30 sandshulker mask (better than moglo or mogloko masks because you need int for stance)
ranging gear (trying to sell it rn)/sandshulker
sandshulker boots
keen icicle
any good dustwurm or ballista i can find (dustwurm is better tho)
max heal
max barrage
5 execute
5 shunpo (shunpo range increases at level 5 and 10)(good for early levs cause youll be an hybrid)
max arrow
max stance
i think this is done

Barrage is broke tho and it’s not good since triple arrows and stuff

ik thats why inever use it but maybe it will be fixed

do all dex, full great scroll moglo mask, fierce auks bow, fierce mo ok dagger. or fierce icicle
the str from the fierce things and moglo mask is for arrow range and dmg, and all stat points into dex for more arrows, faster atk speed, and higher crit

Barrage actually deals MORE damage than the combined basic bowshots that could be done in that time, if it is maxed. You do know that, right? Barrage is only annoying with its glitch because you have to switch servers/leave game to fix it, and when you’re farming a boss mob (like Saraskis or the Scarab) it is so incredibly frustrating.

Moglo Mask is best, yes, but Skull Mask is a decent alternative. Not as good but still decent.