A short story of a set of events, where you get to answer that you'd do the sequel

You has gotten a cool thingy last time, what is it?

  • Star
  • Chair
  • Weird star-shaped creature that’ll devour you if you hold it in your hands

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Suddendly, a box pops up from the ground, what do you do?

  • This is a chair
  • Open it
  • Eat it

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It didn’t matter what you did, because the box broke, and inside you find a spider. What you do?

  • Cry
  • Eat the spider
  • Turn the spider into a chair

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Suddendly, your post gets necromanced. What do you do?

  • Cry a lot
  • Make fun of the necroposter
  • Ignore it and get back to the spider

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After a while, you got the thought of going outside. What do you do?

  • Stay inside
  • Go outside
  • What is outside

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It again didn’t matter what you chose, because that cool thingy you got last time apparently became a physical object, and landed right next to the new robux gift card your mom got you after the previous one broke. What you do?

  • Good thing my 1 robux gift card didn’t break
  • Cool strange thingy I got last time
  • Ignore it and eat a chair

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Then, a lion suddendly jumps out of the closet, and tells you to join him on a great adventure. What do you do?

  • Throw him out lions can’t talk
  • Throw him out because why would there be a lion
  • Throw him out I don’t need a great adventure I already have vesteria

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That cool thingy you got last time spits out something, what is it?

  • spooder
  • th
  • Star

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I somehow feel like this one is non´t bettern´t than the previous

still epic B)

Has a lot of chairs, so this one is more healthy for you than the previous event

Very amazing! Also was that a Narnia reference… :man_facepalming:t2::joy:

It wasn’t, but I guess it works as one. Might make a Narnia related one if I make a third

Nice one! Please continue.

The work of the gods.