A Revival Potion(?) and some balance changes that may be good for Hardmode

In my opinion with the Hardmode difficulty update these balances would be nice.
Please debate me i will try my best to answer all i can.

A Potion similar to Spider’s Essence that will Revive you.
It could be called something like:Oasis’s Blessing or something of the sort.
Maybe in Wispering Dunes from the boss.
Rarer cus yea essence isnt rare ;-;
You get asked if you wanna use it or not.

Tax Drop a little atleast to 15-20% becouse its too high in my opinion.

Mokotuaa dmg reduced a bit cus he oneshots ‘_’
Please share ur opinions guys : D

the problem with the revival potion is glitches and bugs will definitely come in. when it asked you if u want to revive, they have to stop from taking your money and respawning first, and also stop from tping u to ur home city, because of that, if u click no, dont use potion, there is probably going to be a glitch where u dont respawn again, this feature would be good, but it would come with a lot of bugs, just like when cleric revive came out