A Random Poll on Movement Keybinds

There are obviously different combinations of keybinds for abilities and weapons and stuff in games, but what about movement? What movement keys do you prefer? (If other, feel free to comment what it is in the thread that’s probably already dead)

  • WASD
  • ESDF
  • PZTB
  • Other

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What about the arrow keys :fearful:

Homies really trying for this ESDF thing

But wats the point… wasd is like the home movement keys for roblox owo

what MONSTER uses anything but WASD?

Whoever doesn’t use WASD has no soul.

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When I was younger I used to use the arrow keys since those games I played were usually played without a mouse

I’m Flowey now, monster and no soul.

How do you NOT use pztb?

I use 12345

That Was 5 Keys Not 4.


What if the 5 key is sprint? :0