A quiver, for bow type hunters

so i was thinking of a way to keep as much inventory space as possible.

Possibly could add bonus stats. Quivers would hold up to 10k arrows depending on what level it is (being level 15). This is great for dungeon running. and solo bossing (if ever in the future) ect.

Quivers could be game-changing for people who do ranged attacks

I like the idea, but 20k is a LOT. Like, an absurd amount. Way more than you could ever possibly use for even a single dungeon run.

Lower the amount, and have it be a piece of sidegear or maybe have it occupy an armor slot, while making them available at progressively better inventory spaces (bronze, silver, gold quiver, etc) would sound better and make more sense than having something scale off of level.

yeah maybe a little too much

Bows already have the option to fight at a range and do the best damage on Boss’s like Spider Queen.

Having played a bow user I think carrying the arrows is a small price to pay for such convenient advantage.

Ranging Gear already has a quiver but its purely cosmetic so…

This needs to be added…great Idea :+1:

I’ve got a friend who’s a ranger and he’s constantly complaining how his inventory is constantly full of arrows. A quiver would allow for simple storage for these arrows and It’s all around a great idea.

Also, don’t question me about my dagger (curse scroll fail ;-; )


you do realize that’s already a thing, right?

He means quiver should be able hold more arrows

That is correct, although MooCowOne is right. There already is a quiver

Yes there is but quiver should increase the capacity of how much arrows you can hold.

YES PLEASE! I am a bow user and my inventory is constantly full of arrows and I also have to go to Port Fidelio or the SQ shop for more arrows. It would be very convenient for rangers, although I think the devs need to focus on buffing the other roles before adding this in (because, you know, many people complain about how rangers are too overpowered). I would still really like to see this added though

I think there should be a separate slot for quivers, but the only way to get the slot, is to buy a quiver. There should also be different types of quivers. Like small quiver, that could only hold a little bit of arrows, to a large quiver that could hold a lot of arrows.

i also had. quiver idea but it would do completly diffrent things please lok at it :slight_smile:

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Quivers are already planned to be an offhand item that allows you to shoot more arrows at once.