A Question About Boss Weapons

Besides dune bosses can bosses like the yeti and spider queen drop varient weapons?

yes i have seen them around dropping


yes. i have got


Yes. The Spider Queen can drop modified Royal Fangs, modified Spider Fang Daggers, and modified Webbed Staff.

Before the shutdown I was trying for Swift Webbed Staff, then gonna use full Ancient DEX, Multibomb + Webbed is OP, and for Fierce Spider Fang Dagger to full Ancient STR. I would’ve tried for Icicle, but Yeti is too overfarmed for farming it as my Ranger to be feasible (the lag is REAL)

Yeti can drop modified Icicle (Fierce is highly prized, because STR boost plus crit rate boost)

Also, for Assassin, use Talon and Sandrav bow (for crit rate boost).

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Because you brought up ancient scrolls this makes me think of another question. Why use ancient scrolls over cursed scrolls?

I’m not him, so I don’t know his personal reason, but I can answer why most people who use ancients over curseds do so: It’s because curseds have a chance to destroy your weapon, meaning they can be risky to use, whereas ancients will never destroy your weapon despite having a high chance of failing. The benefit of having a completely failed weapon over a destroyed weapon is that you can use holy/reset scrolls to reset the weapon’s upgrade slots, allowing you to try again.

On the other side of the coin, despite the risk, most people prefer cursed scrolls since they have a higher chance of succeeding in general, can provide some pretty nice bonuses to your weapons when they succeed, and they’re pretty much the only way to have a chance of getting a gold/green tier weapon.

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I have a gold weapon, I can also confirm it is only possible to get a gold tier with at least one cursed and the rest ancient, scrolls also have color
basics are blue so if you only used them u have a blue rank item
greats follow same rule, as well as ancients, only use them you will get a purple or red rank item respectively
cursed are fun though, can give purple, red, or gold tier enchants as well as stat mods, a perfect cursed is a gold rank cursed and a stat mod, all seven perfect cursed equal a green rank item
also ik his reasoning, the stat mods, the guaranteed stat mods

Cursed scrolls can blow up ur equips. I have had horrible luck (every cursed scroll i have ever used blew up, lost my talon and dirk to em)

My personal reasons are:
A) Safe equips (holies are no issue for me, just takes about 3hrs grinding if I find a good party)
B) Guaranteed stat mods (full ancient str, for instance, gives +4 STR per scroll, fierce dunes wep w/ full ancinet str)

+4 STR? You mean damage right? Because that seems too strong since you get at least a +21 STR boost and probably over 30 with a fierce variant.

With a dunes weapon, you get +12 for fierce. Each Ancient STR scroll gives +4 STR IF IT SUCCEEDS. Remember, Ancient STR scrolls only have a 10% success rate.

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i have the worst luck in the world. i can literaly NEVER get a great scroll to work anymore, so if i used a cursed, that 10% destroy chance would happen 99%

20% destroy chance.

40% chance for the scroll to fail, then 50% for item destruction.

its +3 of the given stat, not four, it supposedly can vary but ive never seen it

It’s supposed to give +4 now.