A poem for daddy

You had us waiting long enough, from june to early august.

Little we knew, what was to come, wouldn’t be as promised.

The update came, and as we guessed, the game was really broken.

You had left your community to sit there be heartbroken.

But hey, no fear! The update is near and we will do it better.

Less than a week has passed and what is there to see?

The stat rework was worse than having hepatitis b.

But hey! We can farm mobs. That’s cool right?

The mobs have infinite health and can’t be killed by overnight.

At least we have shroompocalypse, that was long awaited.

It’s tester locked, you have been fooled, and most likely jebaited.

I’m just going to holy scroll some failed attempts on weapons!

How are you going to do that? They are not out I reckon.

The game is slowly dying, and so is my will to live.

Help me bereza, I thought you were always there for me.


wipes eyes magnificent.

the last 4 lines don’t rhyme

I was about to like… but then you pulled a teenager move


Next step watch simpsom sad video edits

True… such sadness

This is sad, but kind of true unfortunately. I’m sure the game will take some big steps in the right direction soon though.

Amazing poem. Uhm

this community is such a Pepega i love it

true lulw

Hm the name was misleading, i was expecting the sexually induced father but hey this was cool i guess

Lol jk this is awesome