A note about official vs unofficial staff responses

Hi everyone, I’ve noticed a lot of people taking some of our posts and “leaks” out of context so I wanted to clarify things. When you see a post by one of the staff members that’s highlighted like this one, that means it is an “official” staff post. These usually confirm or semi-confirm important things and are good to quote/screenshot in response to other posts.

If you see a post from us that isn’t highlighted, that means it is unofficial or represents our personal opinions/desires. Take these posts with a grain of salt and don’t treat them like promises.

Additionally, don’t look at the silly stuff we post on our sneak-peaks channel on Discord as confirmed upcoming features. Sometimes we just mess around or show stuff way before its ready.

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

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Or Orange if your using a different theme.

Then The Next Question Is, Is Everyone Able To Do The Blue/Orange Box? Or Is It Just The Moderators/High Trust Level That Can Do It?

well, you did show the castle leak like 2 weeks ago and it’s coming out only now (but its still coming) sooo… you can’t stop me from overanalyzing everything! checkmate berezaa!

and when you mean

i know you are probably talking about me

I often using Discord as the source of information for this game lol

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