A New Age of Vesteria

As we leave the age of the first reincarnation of Vesteria, and enter into the second, i Implore you all to answer a simple question, Will you play Vesteria once it get’s back up?

  • Yes!
  • No, game dead.
  • I don’t really know, ber kinda bad.

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wait so they are actually making vesteria 2? or is it just an overhaul greater than beta 1.4 was

jsut a figure of speech because everyone is quitting

How can you loose faith is such a good game???

Are we going to ignore initial permadeath, that one other post, Vesteria is dead?

Honestly I feel like to the devs are either taking a break after working on a giga update or they have just given up.

Given what Ber’s said, they basically got another scripter who pulled a David and got right into fiddling, and ber’s working on it. Poly is asking the same questions a lot of players are.

Honestly, I feel like there isn’t enough consistency in the Dev team, sometimes their working on something, sometimes their hiring someone and in the case of David, sometimes their firing someone

David can’t be replaced

Theres not enough time for any of the devs to bond, they either leave or get fired before that, a broken team makes a broken game.

I agree too the devs need to focus more on the game if It’s their job.

yes, yes we are

also, i said the 1st reincarnation not the 1st incarnation.

I agree, we just know the first thing he did was start fiddling with the systems.

Ok Guys, I’m Spitting Facts

Orb Is Good
Davidii Got Curse scrolled
New simplify/rework on next update bad
Poly hasn’t changed his pfp in 1 year
Glitch Mob Is Best Techno Band/duo

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I’m surprised that Dantex is certain that the game is done. Not something I would imagine he would think, but I suppose it’s rational to an extent.

it wasn’t only davidii, it was Vesteria, fun fact: a long time ago prisman got curse scrolled.

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Good old Prisman.