A more "free" aiming system

I love how that we can manually aim our beloved ranged attacks with a raycast, but you know what would make it a lot better? If you could aim wherever you pleased.

In this picture, I am trying to aim my cursor at the spider, but the raycast for the path of where my axe will be tossed is either above the spider or below the spider. I would have to move closer to it to be able to directly aim at it.


It’s the same situation here ;-;


If possible, will we be able to aim directly at enemies at a farther distance. Or, if we wanted to shoot something straight up into the air, we could do so? It would be a fun and convenient mechanic, rather than being limited to where autoaim would shoot.

think it would be fairly hard to implement, just as the curve would be different for every angle

Yeah, that’s why I said

It already took quite a while for the devs to make the aiming system + raycast, which is very well done imo. It’s just I’d like more freedom on where I could aim and maybe adjust the projectile trajectory.