A minor complaint about the "new shop layout"

Recently, the Vesteria twitter account posted 2 teaser images of a new character, Lela the shopkeeper. However, something seems off to me.


Does the CPU have to be so close to the camera? Yeesh, it feels like they’re trying to French the player character. If they wanna do a fixed camera thing, how about a shot of the salesman/saleswoman and the player conversing? Or how about a changing shot, depending on which NPC it is or where the conversation is taking place. Perhaps this is just one of the testers playing with the camera and wanting to get a funny screenshot. What do you guys think?

Who even cares tbh it’s just a shop just say good morning to the seller, buy an item, say have a nice day and continue your way to your destination

If I didn’t care, i wouldn’t have made this post.