A message for those who want a wipe

I’m here making this topic to clear things up for people, not exactly trying to change your mind on wiping the game as a whole.

I’ve asked many people and heard many people their reasons for the wipe, and what I mostly hear is the fault of the economy. However, I disagree with this reason, so I’ll explain.

Why the economy isn’t bad

Or really, why it’s not bad enough for there to be a total wipe of the entire game, everything that people have earnt, whether they deserved it or not.

For this event, let us compare a very popular reason for why we believe the economy is trashed. The cursed attack scroll currently costs about 600s. If we go back in time and think about it, yeah, the cursed atk scroll price has indeed increased from about 100s to 600s. However, I believe that this is caused by the entering of Beta players. When beta players first entered the game, the cursed attack scroll prices were fine. However, as they leveled up and gotten the max level gear such as the webbed staff, the people wanted to upgrade their weapons with cursed attack scrolls. So as the price was 100s, the betas that have fully leveled to 30 began to compete for the cursed attack scrolls, so if they wanted alot, they’ll give a higher price. Perhaps 150s and then later 200s. Along with that fact, less and less people began to play because they already done everything. So when no one accepted a price like 200s, they decided to go for a bigger price like 300s or maybe even 400s.

So if we mix the fact that people wanted to compete for cursed attacks and put bigger prices on them and the supply of them heavily decreased due to:

  1. 12 hour spawning for SQ changed to the new SQR. This caused the flow from shooting some arrows to the SQ every 12 hours and then collecting whatever loot they got to rapidly doing a dungeon that usually lasts around 12-15 minutes to get a few eggs and rarely a cursed attack. This meant that people that weren’t as dedicated and just came for the SQ every 12 hours (Think of it as collecting a daily reward) would be unable to get these cursed attack scrolls. This means less supply of the item.

  2. People getting bored of the Vesteria game and not playing, meaning they are unable to get cursed attack meaning they can’t sell it. So less people are selling and more competition.

  3. Betas entering and putting higher prices to compete against other betas/alphas (which is what i mentioned up above)

Along with that, to further explain the demand for cursed attacks in the game, Spider Bows used to cost 900s. This is a very high amount of money for a spider weapon, especially when webbed staff costed very low amounts like 100s. Remember that the chance of getting a webbed staff compared to getting a Spider bow is the same chance. Just like how people wanted to be rangers and have a spider bow, people want to have those crazy +7 cursed upgrades on their weapons.

The level cap will increase

As you know, level 30 is not the complete end of Vesteria. In the future, assuming that the developers keep developing and continue the work of subclasses, we’ll have higher levels to maybe even level 75 (guess)

This means that the new monsters that can be levels 30-75 will drop more valuable loot and maybe even drop more money as a whole. Using this information, this can mean that the one gold that people have now will soon be seen as an amount like 100s.

If you don’t believe me, think about guilds.

Here are the requirements for the guild member count upgrades:

  • 10 members (1g)
  • 20 members (2.5g)
  • 40 members (10g)
  • 80 members (50g)
  • 140 members (200g)

Look at the 140 member upgrade, 200g seems like an amount that can’t be gained or if you’re someone who can grind or does grind 24/7 on vesteria, an amount that’s very very difficult to get. This is reasonable, because even Berezaa doesn’t believe you can get over 40g. This means that he will make you believe that you can get over 40g in the future when the level cap increases. Even Potm, a popular guild, only managed to get around uhh 90g (rip funds, that got wiped in the 40g wipe).

so uhh 200/80 is 2.5 so everyone thats in the guild would need 2.5g to give to the guild stash (because they gotta be in the guild to give). fun fact :wink:

The real (or main) intent for the wipe is the enchantment issue


Although I slightly disagree on this one (because i want to be powerful :weary:), this is probably the real intent of the wipe.

As I’ve shown above, the economy isn’t that messed up and can be fixed without the need of a wipe because:

  • The level cap will increase, making what we see as 1g right now look like something like 100s later.
  • 40g+ wipe that has been done before
  • Something like holy scrolls or other things that’ll make people spend the money they have that can probably fix the economy (orb as an example, that stuff used to take 3.15g if you wanted to bless a stick and people actually did it)

Now, I’ve heard what some of you said. Yes, indeed, people could make alts. However, this can be seen as inefficent to those that haven’t seen the possibility of the 40g+ wipe yet. First off, it costs at least 80 robux to get an alternative account. This would encourage people not to make too much alts or infinite alts to distribute the funds.

Along with that, although this is an opinion, if I were a duper or a glitch exploiter, I would think an amount more than 40g like 80g would be the suspcious amount, so I wouldn’t bother making an alt unless i surpass 80g.

So unless people saw the 40g+ wipe and store 39g in many alt accounts or have a dupe (in which case, why aren’t they reporting it to get much more benefit), they wouldn’t be able to get much done. Remember that this is very very unlikely.

The disbenefit of a wipe

So, of course, there are reason why among the people who want a wipe, there are those who don’t want a wipe. An obvious reason being is that people have put real effort in their characters and have gained high amounts.

Here is a full list of the disbenfits of having a wipe:

  • People that have put real effort and are dedicated into grinding the game will get reset, perhaps angering them and discouraging rejoining (mentioned above)

  • People that came to Vesteria were told that there wouldn’t be a wipe, so that’d break trust

  • New players that come to Vesteria would have little confidence on grinding in Vesteria because people wouldn’t want to grind on a game that has a chance to reset (and have actually reset).

  • This is a problem that’s showing already, people currently playing vesteria would be discouraged in grinding because why grind for the item you want if all your efforts will just go away.

The problem will repeat itself

This is a common argument for those who are against the wipe. Even if we do wipe to solve the economy, there’s no saying that there’s going to be yet another mistake that’ll allow people to gain high amounts of money in short amount of time.

Having multiple wipes after every single problem that happens that relates to the economy won’t have a good effect on the game. For example, why would I want to spend my effort building in a minecraft server if it resets every 2 months or so.

Of course, this can be solved by having things like patches to exploits or gamemasters, but this can also be a solution to the current problem we have now. It’s not easy to carry high amounts of money due to the 40g+ wipe and the level cap will increase anyway, so if we just keep the gamemasters and putting through patches in the game, the economy won’t die.

Conclusion and solution

I’d like to conclude that the best choice for this situation is that we reset just the weapons enchantments and not the money like option B in the poll

(reminder: image )

The economy problem is not even that much of an issue, and if it is, it can be solved by simply making sure that people don’t have too much suspicious money (like the 40g wipe) or by other solutions like how the orb worked, which gave people blessed sticks for 3.15 gold (until they did a whoopsie and it costed much less than 3.15g :joy:).

The real issue is the enchantments, and unless you’re a warrior main that only cares for the benefit of yourself, no one wants a warrior holding a sword that does 160 weapon attack damage while your weapon does little because warrior items do more damage than other ones (and the more base attack your weapon has, the stronger the enchantments).

remember to read everything, if you’re against what i have to say and i can just quote myself to answer your concerns, you’re doing something wrong


how has no one responded to this

isnt like majority going for wipe

either they changed their mind with this or too spooked to read because of how long i made it

I read it, I just don’t have anything to say.
I was already pro-wipe and don’t plan to change my opinion.

I mean I could care less for a wipe , besides berezaa already said they are gonna wipe for a day to experience the game fresh and return our data the next day. either way im still gonna support vesteria whether the wipe is permanent or temporary

Inb4 Berezaa goofs and deletes everyone’s save data permanently.

I find this thread interesting, and I do agree with a lot of your points.

I have shared the opinion that Levels, Enchantments, and Money are reset but base items remain.

This would simulate a full-wipe, but players who have already spent hours earning particular pieces of gear such as a Spider Queen Crown would not have to have their progress reset when the items remaining in existence would cause no real harm to the outcome of the wipe - everybody would keep their items, people who have played for 1 hour and people who have played for 100+ hours.

In all honesty, I am sure the development team are hoping in the future that players eventually hit the 1 Platinum+ Milestone with future updates of the game, and so I feel any influxes in the economy as of now (which are already being smoothed out by introducing Holy+ scrolls as money-sinks, as well as the now more proactive removal of Exploiters/GM Development) that a wipe isn’t completely necessary.



I do agree with your opinion

I think the purpose of the full wipe was to fix the economy, I don’t support option B cause it doesn’t really solve anything, at least in my opinion.

full wipe solves economy and enchantments, but remember, theres a cost

if we dont have to wipe entirely to solve problems and can wipe partially, its better because theres less downsides except potentially solving less problem

but as ive said in here, economy isnt a problem and wiping is not needed to solve economy if it is a problem

Economy is a problem. Your main reasoning behind why the economy isn’t bad is the cursed scrolls.

You’re right. It did increase because of beta players. Because there was so much more currency added into the game by the influx of players (along with TotD, exploits, etc), the price rose. Cursed scrolls aren’t even that rare to get. As you said,

What would drop more items? Farming an SQ which could potentially drop a cursed attack every 12 hours or farming SQR which can be done in “12-15 minutes” to potentially drop a cursed attack. I think THE RAID, which isn’t on a 12 hour timer, would give more, not less, like you are saying

This is wrong. You can farm SQR as much as you want, meaning rather than waiting 12 hours everytime you want to get a cursed attack scroll, you run it with a group of people and more than likely 1 person out of the group will end up getting a cursed attack scroll each run. So, with each run it adds 1 cursed attack scroll to the game, it is adding more much faster than the 12 hour timer. The reason why they cost so much is because of inflation, which everyone told you was the problem, but you refused to see that. Some items will cost more because of higher demand, yes. Some items will cost more because of lower supply, yes. But there is plenty of supply for cursed attack scrolls yet somehow the price quintupled extremely fast. This is what people call “Hyper-inflation”, which is why people want the economy to be reset. You can’t deal with hyper-inflation without having money sinks, but if you have too many money sinks, the game becomes tedious, a chore, and it would allow the people who afk grind or exploit to become the rulers of that new economy.

We’ll have to have a funeral for Void’s bow.


This is comparing mindless grinding which I’ve said is not done much anymore and a simple getting on and off to do SQ

just like how people just join vesteria to yeet the yeti every hour or so

this means less supply

Unfortunately, this is a case of “I didn’t read, I just want to get my point of inflation through”

I mentioned that people that aren’t as dedicated, meaning the people who just buy the colo weapons instead of actually pvping or the people who just go to yeti every hour.

I’m not your teacher, but you should never put absolute words like “everyone” or “always”.

The simple reason being that it can easily be proven wrong.

Since I don’t have statistics or any hard facts, let me ask you this question, if you say yes to it, this means you take the win (because i can’t convince you otherwise):

Do you often see people selling Cursed Attack Scrolls?

If the answer is no, there is probably not a huge supply

I’m not sure if you were alpha and seen it, but people in the past were actually selling cursed attacks scrolls because of their supply for prices of around 100s (for a reason, not much people wanted that stuff)


1 platinum should be something that people should reach one day, ToD is gone and can’t be abused anymore, all the game needs to do is update and the economy will fix itself

reading is important, remember what i’ve said