A long list on what I think would be great in this game

I made a long list of things I think would be great in this game, Vesteria, also some things might of been planned or already in the game, and I also got some things from friends a.k.a other people (because I have no friends), so YEET

  • Map(s) -maybe a map that is showing the area you are currently in and then you can press a button on the map that shows you the all the locations (maybe add fog to cover things up until they explore that area, and then the fog disappears)

  • More unique weapons (to take away repetition of weapons just increasing in damage and nothing else); weapons should have different attack speeds (like the sword should be medium attack speed and does medium damage, then the dagger should do low damage but a very fast attack speed), weapons should have negative effects to apply balancing (for example, making a player slower -or making the attack speed low- but the weapon does a lot of damage), some weapons should possibly have special effects like life-steal: drains health from the enemy, pierce: breaks through 30% of the enemy’s defense, hade’s smite (or fire damage, I don’t know): inflicts fire on the enemy and causes them to burn for a certain amount of time, bleed: causes enemy to take low damage for a long time, freeze: freezes enemy in place for a medium amount of time, poison: does a high amount of damage for a medium amount of time, shock: electrocutes enemy in place for a very short period of time, etc. (can add different levels of effects -that increases time, damage, etc.)

  • Less level/class restriction to weapons, and armor, could possibly make restrictions more stat base (strength, dexterity, intellect, vitality) like for example, a sword that needs 10 strength, and the player to be level 2, to use, or 7 intellect to use staff

  • Sub-classes, like a black-smith sub-class that allows you to craft weapons and armor using materials/ingredients from monsters (can upgrade abilities in the skills section to craft better and higher level gear) or a chef class which allows you to cook food that heals you, gives you special effects, and allows you to give the food to teammates, or an alchemist sub-class that crafts unique and good potions, etc.

  • Lock/favorite items in inventory -lock items and/or favorite items to prevent you from dropping or losing them in anyway (possibly add a passcode to drop or sell item, or simply you have to unlock them to drop/sell/etc.)

  • Perks (can be restricted to specific classes) examples: fisherman: 50% to double the loot you get from fishing, scavenger (maybe only for hunter class): 25% for double the loot from chests, etc.

  • More random chests I want to find chests that randomly spawn in several picked out locations at random times ranging from 1-8 hours for each, not chests that sit in the same location and restock every 24 hours

  • Weapon categories like have 2 handed weapons, 1 handed weapons, shields, ranged weapons, etc.

  • Dual wielding like 2 swords or 1 sword 1 shield

  • More armor customization like more slots to input gear -head, chest, arms, legs, feet, fingers (for rings), neck (for necklaces), etc.

  • Mounts I personally don’t want mounts

  • Events, Event Bosses, etc. you can make the bosses spawn in towns where everyone can fight them or simply make an event area

  • Donation tab so you guys can get them robuxs (a.k.a for donating real money)

  • Customizable nametags, etc. another way to get that robux stuff going on, have purchasable things that change the appearance/color of your nametag, and maybe have something that changes your font of your nametag (maybe even customizable speech bubbles -fonts, color, border, etc.) (can also make the customizable thingys buyable with in-game cash and not just robux)

  • Use items in inventory like I don’t want to always set items to my hot-bar so I can use it

  • More ranged weapons/another ranged class maybe have a archer class? (also maybe just a bow, and crossbow in the game with consumable arrows, or maybe use mana for magic arrows, etc.)

  • Tiny additional exp share when in a party (not sure if this is already in the game)

  • Guilds, clans, etc. way to meet up with people and have some swag (could purchase guild, or clan I don’t know, with robux or in-game cash)

  • More multiplayer things to do like add harder monster where you have to team up with people to kill or grind a bit more, or quests that multiple people can do, etc.

  • Bosses (aside from the giant monsters -maybe mini bosses too?)

  • Dungeons now this, this is epic (would be really fun to fight bosses in dungeons, grab loot from chests and monsters, raid dungeons with friends, etc.)

  • Guards/Guardians that guard chests guards that protect special chests for items, and it matches your level (someone random suggested this to me)

  • Backpacks for more storage

  • Being able to play on Xbox, cross-platform?

  • Pets could follow you around and help you

  • Traveling merchants random encounters, they sell strong gear, and sell materials/ingredients for crafting or smithing

please consider adding some things to the game, this took me a long time to do

and if you read all this, then thank you

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dungeons will be added eventually, a place for storage will be added, tiny exp share when in party already in game, can already be able to play on Xbox, will have ranger for a hunter subclass, fanmade guilds made, there might be mounts, more chests will be added, subclasses will be added and confirmed, map will be confirmed, unique weapons will be added

Dang bro, thanks for telling me

This lists all the things that you have said that are already planned. All your other ideas are very smart. I like the Customizable nametags and pet ideas.

already added. not complete but yea



planned. this would be in the form of bosses and the already in-game “giant” enemies.


there is not and will not be exp share, however, the more people you have in your party, the more exp everyone gets in general.

Hunter will be a ranged class. A bow is being added for Hunter, and farther down the line there will be a Ranger subclass.

this is already a thing. double-click items in your inventory to use them.

these are talked about frequently. not sure if they will actually be added since runes have been added-- but still.

I suggested all these things before in another post. still no response from developers

there will be professions for things outside of PvP and PvE. Such as fishing. These professions will make fishing a lot easier and rewarding.

Already planned. Each class will have 3 subclasses.

Thanks, I hope the developers respond

I really like what you’re going for, but… Well… There’s a flaw I can see with this. The cross-platform thing.

PC players still have the advantage due to having 10 hotkeys. I haven’t seen cross-platform buttons, but definitely PC has the advantage… So…

Please only use the feature requests forum to make detailed feature requests about a single feature. Compilations like this one belong in general discussion.