A little trick with meleeing spiders

So one thing I found out while spider farming is that if you circle around the spider, it won’t hit you as much, and you’ll automatically face it so you can rack up hits. Idk if this is anything new, helpful, or even interesting, but I hope it is!

It definitely is, although it’s the hardest for the Hunters, so I just say: Get a Tomahawk, Use Regen, profit. XD

Definitely a good idea, though. :smiley:

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you do understand that you can just back up from the spider just before he attacks you so you take no damage?

this is way easier and makes you take 0 damage if you can do it right, but ofc this does take a little bit of time to master

Rotate around the spider and back up at the same time.

Okay, that’s really hard to hit now. XD

Just constantly circling even up close while swinging lets you solo spiders. Solod a spider on a lvl 4 the other day because i was bored without getting hit once (had to hit it 700 times so decent challenge) and while sadly the exp it gives caps at a point, it is fun and pretty easy to kite them.

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if you keep rotating you can keep hitting, it you back up you might not be able to. Great point though.