A little bit more interesting, take a look

i cant spawn items, or get inf coins, but i know its possible???

ive taken like 3 days to just go over and get tips, help, and work on this game, and im pretty close but its still possible lol

yea okay demonstrate how the inf coin is possible then

i cant? did i not say the ones i have made i can patch and the rest i know are possible?

i can kill all, mob farm, aoe every entity, pick up instantly, speedhack, and i might make a noclip, item spawner and inf coins im looking into but its taking a while to figure out

literally all the things you have done people have done before so its not that impressive but tell me what makes you know you can make the script to get inf coins?

i know its possible, and im doing research do to the actually cool sh1t, so sad some of it will be patched

i cant show what i havent made so i guess youll just have to be on the edge of your seat to know if i have made anything really cool

either way, my current progress shows how bad they are at security, at least for the time being

im not asking for you to show me your work in an earlier reply you said heres some features you KNEW were possible and then you listed inf coins so explain how you KNOW this.

DM’ing the devs with the source code would be the best way to help the security of the game. I, personally, have been working on this stuff myself just to be able to report it since they don’t seem to have much security knowledge. My only question is, why does it say you are using Synapse v1.1.0? Isn’t Synapse X on like 4.0 or something now?

i cant see the link

i know from friends who have shown proof

synx is on v1.10c synapse is dead, synapsex is the new synapse

so mind sharing some of that proof?

Right right, these things are too hard to keep up with. I forgot X was even a separate thing but yeah I remember it getting released like a month ago now. Welp, neat stuff. Don’t abuse it and send your findings to the devs (you’ll get a cool badge for it :wink:) and I think we can all be on good terms.

new food? and a closer look at that boar thing. cool. Most of the stuff seen in here has already been shown / talked about during a stream

Cool, A-bit weird that people are toxic over people hacking in a alpha game that is non-pvp aswell.

well it can become pvp real fast if you know what you are doing, related to exploits

also im like a pinch close to making a item spawner, only problems are the security around the said event that im going to use, lucky though that i still have a friend who already made one so i can get a helping hand

yeah whats the event you think, i haven’t seen anything in my debugger that could really be used for it so far

once again, this was revealed on twitter and twitch stream by berezaa…

1 why would i tell you on s public forum
2 “debugger” do you have any clue what exploiting even is?

yea you use a remote debugger to look at the different events that are happening while you play and it will help you find out how to make the exploit. and also there is this thing called dms

Somehow, every time a forum post with more than 20 posts, always has 1 meme in it.