A little bit more interesting, take a look

so this is the actual dev test area, might or might not of been shown before (either via stream or via things in the background)

either way you see more then just leaks, you see that they are yet to patch a few things

1. speed hacks, 2. aoe attacks (that are uber fast) and 3. auto pickup (harder to see but i have it in my script there)

ik from a insider that they will be working on them but they cant even attempt it in a dev test area? like its kinda sad + none of it is hard to patch

btw that was a slow settings for my aoe, i can go faster

attention is what i seek, its what i sought, i am a attention whor3 and not a thot!

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not sure if its been shown or not because i haven’t watched his streams but pretty sure you just put synapse over one of the old stream clips

11 minutes to get picture of synapsex + code in it, make it look like hes speed hacking + aoe hacking, save it, upload to gyazo

sounds reasonable++

you literally have like 8 lines visible and you can’t even see the entire line, theres nothing there which could even tell me its a aoe or speed hack just from that clip. and taking 11 mins to do that is pretty easy


Shoulda put Vesteria Developers instead because everyones work is extremely appreciated and should be credited. But I wanted this rolling already :mage:

hehe, you didnt even watch the full clip??? lmao

i agree. you must have at least proof to make a claim like this!

same, got into the dev group by actually being a good dev then got fired because they didnt need me at the time, havent called back since then and they said they woudl

pfp emoji here

you claim to be a good dev but then claim you hacked vesteria’s mainframe

Well his description DOES state this: “looking for attention but also willing to help with security, made a account just to spite the dev’s but its pretty obvious no one cares <3 sorry to waste your time”

exploiters* require brains too? you dont think devs want exploiters on their side so they can get the vulnerabilities in the code solved and fixed???

lmao you are pretty dull if you cant even think through a few reasons as to why me and others do what we do (besides making games more fun)

do you really think you’re helping at all


you really think the dude is gonna let you edit his code best exploiters ussually can do is post their code to a developer and let them figure a way to fix it

when they ask me to it will?

or they dont and i still get some attention :^)

i know how to patch every single thing ive made, and have looked through a lot of things in the game, i will be honest and tell you that the game at the moment is very hard to find things to make

heres all the features i know are possible, not all ive coded

item spawner,
inf coins (saves),
anti aggro (enemies dont attack),
kill all (players and mobs),
aoe for both players and mobs,
and noclip (a little bit more then difficult then youd think)

Hopefully berezaa knows about the first 2.

doubt this dude could do smthn that advanced hes done nothing better than any other exploiter so far so major doubt from me

only item spawning :sunglasses:

also fam how u gonna kill them all rn theres an anti exploit which is the reason u need kill auroas cuz pretty sure u’ve encountered it when making your kill auroa script theres a problem when you try making it go beyond around 50 px