A little bit concerned here

While casually grinding in Enchanted Forest earlier, there was this player around level 20 who said something along the lines of “I am going to level up a bit so then I can handle autoclicking in crabby den while afk.” I also heard someone else say something like “After I get to the next level, I’m going to crabby den to afk farm all night.” I am concerned about the ignorance of players with these mindsets. They believe it is perfectly fine to autoclick enemies while AFK, even though berezaa said this:

Since not everyone checks the forums, and users below 13 can’t access the forums or the discord server, the description for the game should state “We highly recommend not to autoclick enemies while AFK, or it will negatively impact other player’s experience.” I’m sure it will significantly lower the number of people who are autoclicking while AFK casually as if its as ok as playing the game actively.


Agreed, I am always seeing multiple players in game just standing there autoclick farming, alot levels 20 and higher, so quite a handful of people will get banned if this occurs.

I agree.

I can say that this will be fixed. From what I’ve seen I believe Berezza has full intentions of tracking more player diagnostics to determine AFK users.

One way could be TPing people to spawn who are attacking but not moving after a few minutes

Their are ways to possibly bypass that as well,
I would say there should be a mini pop up that appears on the screen every 15 minutes that says
“If you do not click on a this (button or something) you will be respawned”,
As well as 4 random areas on the screen that pop up appears so they can not put their auto click on where they need to click every single time.

Good Idea!

Well a good idea in theory, this can be bypass pretty easy with modern auto hotkey scripts.
(although I’m sure 14 year old’s wont know how to do screen scanning or care enough to)

My only question is Why people bother to buy a $10 game and not even play it.

I don’t see many autoclickers in the Woodlands of Minor Magic anymore, so I suppose that is good.

There is few people that autoclick, but i am pretty sure doing something about it would help.

You could for an example have so the “creatures” only attack when you attack them first = You have to go to them and kill them.

Or have aggro not me drawn unless the player moves their character.

Yeah, true that.

Problem there is tons of way to bypass this as there are working autoclicker that “records clicks/hotkeys” and repeat’s so all you have to do is do it once and it does it all over again.

This is how I see it, and hear me out a bit. For the higher levels as of right now, they have had an insane advantage. Regardless of whether they have auto-clicked or not, the old spider spawns used to be way more easily farmed. I’m not saying auto-clicking at the crabby den is acceptable at all, but I feel it’s become more apparent since the update. I think this topic should be reevaluated when new mobs are implemented. If the problem persists, then I think further action should be taken. I feel things such as @Cyprias said about mobs being attacked sensitive (meaning mobs will only attack if you attack first) should not be implemented into the game. It would take away from the feel and environment of each individual character’s experience. The solution should be to wait it out to new mobs are implemented, if people continue to auto-click further action should be taken. I also feel that the developers should make a more “public” announcement to show their distaste in auto clicking possibly preventing any possible future incidents from occurring.