A Kahoot about Vesteria

Here is a fun little kahoot about Vesteria if you wanna test your knowledge with other people or by yourself.
Post your score of what you made the first time below .
Also watch out for 2 troll questions I put in.


I would but I need my mother to a p p r o v e.

You get a fat F.

Also the wiki will be insufficient with most if not all of these questions.

Ok I fixed Question 21.

Fixed Question 16.

Uh how do you commit play

Of course only the stat ones get me. Didnt know str boost magic damage.

2078595 idk I just made a game and waiting
^ enter this?

29 out of 31
36,818 points

Cool kahoot!

So um… yea…


Congratulations! You know Vesteria, don’t you? Or did you just secretly take all the answers and redo it…

I mean, I’ve been around for over a year so…
although technically I did misclick an answer once because I thought it said willow and it didn’t so I went and redid it but we don’t talk about that

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Took the test in a weird way but 31/31 soooo epic.

fix question fifteen, all hunters can use two weapons, also knight and berserker

question 29, goblins dont drop ratty heads, the shaman does

Question 15 is fine, but I will fix question 29.

Pretty weird isn’t it?

OK, no more mistakes this time, now enjoy!