A guide to using your bow and hidden interactions of it

Note: If you are a hunter who primary weapon is bow but has high STR: DO NOT INCREASE YOUR INT TO 30 !
INT 30 make your arrow scale with your magic stat. i tested the damage you deal with 100 STR (using digger’s last resort), i deal around 2000 per arrow to the scarecrow. But once i increase my INT stat to 30, my arrow now only deal 1500. That a 500 damage lost by just having high INT.

the levels where the effect increase are 25,50,100(?)
For each level reached, the game will grant your bow one extra peirce. giving your bow more crowd control as well as increasing your bow damage output and range.

the levels where the effect increase are 25,50,100.
The bow will shoot out one extra arrow for each level (4 arrow per shot maximum). The arrow do not suffer any damage penalty, basically doubling,tripling,quadtripling your damage output.

the levels where the effect increase are 30, 70, 150.
once the player INT is 30 the bow damage will scale with magic bonus instead of physical one. This could be a good thing or a very bad thing (check note above for more detail), it will also make your arrow create a small explosion that can damage other enemies as long as they are within the radius of the explosion.

INT is currently the worst route you can go with as a ranger in my opinion, The explosion radius is way too small at 30 and even at level 70 you cant even hit other enemies unless they are literally kissing each other, 150 indeed give you a very decent radius but the enemies still have to be close to each other for it to work. Not only that but STR give you much better crowd control by letting you hit enemies that are far away from each other, you also do more damage with your bow because STR perks also give you more damage not to metion the lower requirement levels.
however, INT could be a decent route to take if you are a trickster tho.

the levels where the effect increase are 30, 70, 120.
Each arrow that hit a enemy has a chance to heal you 25(VIT 30), 40(VIT 70), 100(VIT 120). You need to be lower than 100% of your heath for this to work, it also seems that there’s a small delay between each heal.

Now for some build you could make:

the META one
sub_class: ranger
Stats: high STR - high DEX - 0 INT - 0 VIT
Blasting enemies with sheers force and speed ! A mean beam machine, ruiner of fun !

the Trickster one
sub class : trickster
stats: low STR - medium DEX - high INT - low VIT
Spam your skills while also spamming your arrow. That’s it.

The MEME one
sub class : ranger
stats 0 STR - high DEX - low INT - atleast 120 VIT
Run into a boss, use your stance and start spamming your bow while praying to the god above for decent RNG for the VIT heals and laughing as even while meming, you still have better dps that some of the class in the game.

how dare you teach the demons to be evil!

Hopefully this becomes outdated