A good way to make “Trickster” a viable subclass

First off, the trap could be a bit better. My suggestion is to have the trap act like a distraction to mobs, attracting monsters toward the trap. Then when mobs get close to it, blows up. This would make it similar to the monkey bomb in COD BO 2 zombies. This would provide a great distraction and the trickster would live up to its name. As for the orb teleportation thing( forgot the name ), make it to where you can manually aim it, making it similar to the ender pearl in Minecraft. Maybe if so instead of having to teleport to a monster you can throw it anywhere within it’s range to teleport to that spot. Both of these things would make the trickster a viable option. As for the step back ability, idk what to say but there’s not much use for it, it isn’t very practical so I’d suggest replacing it but that’s just my opinion.

First of all, the trap already does aoe damage, just not enough. I kind of agree on the ability to aim the swap ability because sometimes it just sinks into the ground, but disengage is NOT a useless ability. It is actually the best trickster ability and yes, it does suck at a low level, but when upgraded high enough, disengage is an epic ability. You can jump long distances away from any enemies, and you shoot out multiple arrows at once, which acts like an aoe move. Did I forget to mention AUTO AIM?

Yeah I guess the step back is more useful than I thought, I did try it at lvl 1 so it didn’t move much from its original position. As the the trap I’m suggesting the ability to attract ministers toward it, I’m not asking more for damage or AOE radius.

A solution is to place the trap in front of you and let monsters come to you. A monster lure type ability would be nice tho.

Hang out with the knight in your party during SQR, let them use taunt to bait an enemy into the trap.

I think trickster is ok how they are

maybe make switch strike better

The only thing that could be improven is the aim of Switch strike, nothing else. I get that the trap is not enough op for you, but please, it has a basic power of 200, and I think you wouldn’t go into a trap, and the monster is not braindead to do so (zombies are, but I don’t think a hog is stupid enough to target a trap instead of you) . Also Disengage is op, same with upgraded switch strike. If you can strategize you can create a combo made out of Prism trap, Switch strike and any high damaging skill. you place the trap, then shoot out switch strike, (The auto aim is good for this btw) it would die if it was a weak monster, but if it is like a player and didn’t flung out, then you can use barrage or execute to finish them off.

Trickster is basically a 1 move class rn. Disengage is an amazing move to go on a moveset like trickster but shouldn’t be the whole class because switch strike is nothing never worth it to switch places with an enemy unless in very wierd scenarios. Its not worth it to put the trap down to trap 1 enemy u could just shoot from range or kill with a couple of dagger hits. None of the tricksters moves really do anything besides disengage and trickster feels too much like a pvp class, a class that is designed for pvp and i think a class should be designed for pve not pvp i think trap needs to hold giant (Not boss enemies) and switch strike needs to teleport you where you throw i whether or not it hits an enemy (it also should have an arc) Disengage is fine and trick needs some sort of passive or new move to wrap it up nicely into a good subclass thats worth taking over ranger or assassin 2 of the highest dps classes in the game.

Switch Strike needs a buff too, I PvPed a clow- I mean trickster once, he flung like tons of switch strike spells at me. They move so slow and are so predictable I just stepped aside from a literal range of 5 studs or less.

Edit: I feel this is still relevant even though Trickster got a buff, it’s still not enough to compete with other hunter subclasses.

All of trickster’s skills scale off of int. Trickster got a pretty big buff last balance patch as well.

Disengage’s damage scales off STR.

It’s a bow skill that was originally made for ranger.

That strength requirement is probably intentional, seeing as how the other hybrid mage-like class (Paladin) has to stat into both strength and intelligence in order to deal a large amount of damage, as the base warrior skills and even 2 handed basic attacks scale off of strength.