A Golden View on ALL Things Vesteria

Welcome to this weekly news article I will be starting, I will talk about some news, upcoming updates, questions for Berezaa and some opinions. Feel free to comment on anything here, but keep it respectful and follow the community guidelines. I am your host Flamingo Old and welcome to a Golden View.

Opinions on AP and the Orb: To understand what I am talking about PLEASE read the article in #announcements which is on the discord server. Lets begin, so personally I think the enchants of abilities are a good idea and I support it. It would be cool to enchant double slash into triple slash or something like that. It will get a bit complex and I am fine with there not being SET subclasses but it is more open and you can vary your playstyle. I would love to have my Ranger to learn shadow walk or whatever it is called. As well just a side note you can only learn abilities of the other subclasses in your faction, for example I knight playthrough would only be able to learn the abilities of a Berserker and Paladin and Knight but not Blink for example which is a Mage ability. But as many things we shall wait until more info gets released. Personally I AM EXCITED for the mastery armour and would love to see what the Knight ultimate will be.

Questions for Berezaa: Will factions skills such as GroundSlam also cost AP or will they remain the same and able to be upgraded using the current system starting at level 1 to keep the 20 available points to be spent?

Will skill resets reset all of your AP? If so will they be renamed?

Will you join a subclass based on how many subclass quests you have done? For example if I have done 3 Assassin and 1 Ranger will I become a Assassin?

Will there be a way to expand your AP limit?

Finally, IF you do become a subclass by doing more abilities than other subclasses will some abilities be locked, to prevent you from having a really powerful move set such as: Shadow Flurry, Arrow Rain and Shadow Walk?

Guild Update: The Guild update was a success, there is no doubt about it, it also acts as a bit of a money sink. Unfortunately I had to leave my solo guild as I did not have the time to upgrade my guild to tier 3 by myself. I am not Alexandra. This guild update has really cool places to explore and provides some more engagement until the next big update rolls around.

And finally for this weeks edition we will end of by saying goodbye to the Testers who were pruned. I will not list their names out of respect for privacy. But every month a few testers will be removed from the program and replaced with new testers. This month the team added testers who were in the back log from the previous application. But next month there probably will be a chance for you to apply. The application will change every month so dont bother trying to cheat. And only apply if you are willing to help and make this game a better place. This role does not give you the right to flex.


That’s pretty nice

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Bruh just imagine invisible rangers


that would be pretty scary

After thinking about that I believe there should be limits to the new skill learning feature.

i have a good idea learning abilities form other subclasses would cost more AP and learning abilities form your own subclass would cost less ap

Yeah that would make sense

Imagine Invisible Rangers That Can Switch Places With You Then do Hail Of Arrows After Putting You In A Prism Trap

Bruh that’s too op

Thats What I’m Saying!, It’s To OP

good post ngl.