A Glitch I've Noticed With Fishing

This Is Another Update For My Other Topic: Wanna Eat Or Fish With Me?

So This Glitch Is Just Infinite Stamina. The Way To Achieve It Seems To Have Connections With The Fishing Animation.

I Basically Go To A Body Of Water And Pull Out The Fishing Pole. I Click On The Water To Use The Fishing Pole. I Wait Multiple Minutes And No Fishes Are Caught. I Then Click On The Water Again To Reel In The Bob. Now When I Sprint I Have Infinite Stamina. Sadly I Don’t Know If It Has To Do With The Fact I Can’t Fish Or It Is Dependant On The Fishing In General.

However All I Know Is That When I Fish For A Long Time And Then Decide To Stop, I Get Infinite Stamina.

I get inf stamina after I die in the void.