A gaem theroy (poll)

is arcanefxre just nofearon ??? look at their profile pics159_1 174_1 but hey thats just a theroy a GAEM THEROY here is poll for it. also their profile pics are similar that y i made this thing!

  • arcanefxre is nofearons alt account
  • arcanefxre is actually nofearons long lost brother!!!

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actually he might be both

also @arcanefxre is younger becuz he has less lines then @nofearon!!!

just leave already

i dont see no door

creates door
places door
opens door

:door::no_entry::man_shrugging: idk know man it has a no entry sign on it iā€™m not sure if i can leave or enter

oww you exposer acraneFxre!!!

darn you saw through my act
it was a fake door with no handle so if u tried to open it it wouldnt and then u would be rekt XD

Wow :scream:

I Never Thought Of That. O_o