A "fun" trickster build (and trickster rants )

Basically, here is a trickster build that i found to be the most “fun” way to play trickster as a class.
Starting with the player’s stats and trickster’s skills investment:
STR: 0.
DEX: 37 ( 25 DEX from the sand ravager headgear).
INT: 150 (18 INT from keen weapons,you can get more INT bonus if you have a keen high level dagger but im using a keen icicle for that 15% crit rates).
VIT: 0.

Trickster’s skills investment:
Prism trap: level 3.
Switch strike: level 10 (i know people is gonna be confuse about my skills investment but read for a bit more).
Disengage: level 7.

Note: If you are looking for a trickster dps build, this isn’t it.

Now this is the part where i explain how to play this build and tell you what it is capable of. Basically, if you still haven’t figured how to play this build. It’s simple, your number 1 go-to skill is going to be switch strike killing enemies one by one in a rapid section.Why switch strike ? Because most people don’t realize this but switch strike is the most useful skill trickster has in my opinion. Offensive-wise this move can kill a dustwurm in one shot and instantly refreshes it’s cooldown (Switch strike reset it’s cooldown on kill).This mean i can kill a dustwurm on the left side of the pit,then aim the skill at a dustwurm that are far away from me and then aim the skill AGAIN at a dustwurm that is on the right side of the map without moving, this is very useful when it’s daytime because running takes away stamina.You can also one shot a bandit with this skill, so one of the first thing i’ll when raiding a bandits camp is aim the skill at a bandit ranger then taking out the bandits that were on the same pillar after that switch striking a bandit ranger on one of the other pillars untill there are no ranger left before going after the sword ones.

Now, you could make the argument that you can do the same thing with disengage, going from one end of the pit to another but here’s the thing: disengage is not a very useful move damage-wise because at max level: the skill only has a pityful 150 power, it also throw the player backward far away from the enemies. While utility-wise this skill is one of the best if not the best utility skill in the game due to the shear amount of distances you gain with this move alone, it doesn’t work well when you need a stable dps.

Why so low on trap ? Trap in my opinion is the worst skill in the trickster’s kit. It’s not bad you-see, is just that because of the way this game is structured,it makes this skill very flawed. Due to the new amount of damage, most hunters can 3 or 4 shots a enemy on a equal level to them, making the trapping effect of this skill useless most of the time because it’s alot quicker to shoot a enemy dead then to lure them to a trap. Like, i can one shot most none boss enemies in Dunes with just switch strike, the only enemy i can’t one shot most of the time is the black scorpion mob, it did still take me more time to set up a trap and switch striking it then for me to just shoot 4 arrows at it. While this skill has a aoe effect that can damage nearby enemies, it is only really useful in the sewer with level 20 to 25 mobs. And when you’re alot higher leveled than your enemies, you dont really need 2 or 3 traps to get the job done. But if that one trap is not good enough for you, you can just put your back against a wall and spam disengage and that should do the job just fine. This ability is overated for the tricksters, ever since the buff that give prism trap more traps at high level, most players would just upgrade it without thiking about how useful this skill is in pratice. In my opinion, making this skill set up more traps makes it worse because the trap no longer spawn on top of the player position but around the player. This make the skill worse because of how precise the player have to be for the trap to trigger, you can’t just throw out a switch strike and use this skill once it about to hit the enemy, it now only really work as a exploding bomb that hit enemies around you but because of how the traps precise the enemies have to be for the trap to trigger it doesn’t even work 90% of the time. While most people say that switch strike and prism trap are worthless against bosses, prism trap is the real king of worthless because not only are it hard to lure a boss to the trap, the trapping effect doesn’t work either. Tho switch strike can’t make the player and the boss switch places (for obvious reasons) it can still atleast do some damage to it without to much risk.

Alright enough about ranting, let’s talk about this build dps aganst bosses
Starting with the load-out:
the full sand hunter set ( i forgot the name).
a keen dustwurm bow
a keen icicle

Now for the skills load-out:
switch strike
magic missile ( yes, really)

The boss which i am going to go against is going to be Scarab. How this will plays out is that i’ll shoot the boss at a disance while spamming any ranged skill i have (2 magic missile do bout the same amount of damage as one switch strike with much faster cooldown, This makes magic missile a viable magic skill for trickster) if i ever get too close to Scarab or the Scarab decided to attack me i would simply disengage away. While this seem like a discounted ranger playstyle (it is) there is just no reason for a trickster to want to get close to a boss because all of the melee skills he has is execute and shunpo none of which are decent aganst bosses and because the new system bow is alot more powerful than dagger as of now. After a while of spam bow shots, throwing magic missile, barrage and switch strike when ever possible the boss would fall after about 3 minutes+. While it may seem like i took a short amount of time to deal high amount of damage, the problems arrived once i compare the amount i took to kill to the amount of time it took a META ranger to kill a scarab. A ranger could kill a Auktufiti in under 20 seconds while it took this trickster build atleast 1 minute. So if a ranger would to kill a Scarab they could kill a scarab in 1 minute.
There is a certain trickster builds that can do more dps than this one of course the strongest one being high STR and high DEX this would make you shoot more arrows aswell as stronger arrows with better range but losing out a large chunks of what make trickster fun to play making you a discount ranger without the stance nor the arrows storm.
Another strong trickster build is 50 DEX and rest in INT, this way trickster can have a decent dps without losing out on too much magic attack (but this would mean that they can’t reach 150 for the bigger bomb radius tho making your bow the only decent dps source as dagger don’t scale with magic bonus .
Take what i said with a grains of salt as trickster’s very likely to be change in the future and this post might be out-dated in a few months.