A few questions

  1. As Mage, what stats are best to upgrade
  2. As Mage, whats the best possible setup and how do I retrieve the items
  3. I have 2 100% more damage scrolls, will the scrolls stack on top of each other if its possible to use 2 scrolls on the same weapon
  4. Do bronze coins have any use in this game?
  1. INT and whatever makes you happy
  2. uhh… ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  3. yes you can but dont, save it for higher tier weapons and use riskyer scrolls (70, 10)
  4. yes you can use to buy adveturer stuff

once you have 1000 bronze it turns into 1 silver, 1000 silver is one gold

-and 1000 gold is no life.

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dont forget that vit is a dmg factor for magic spells

Barely, only 0.75 more dmg per pt

true, but you dont die as fast + the extra dmg helps in mage vs warrior pvp (for me)

Maybe that’ll help you change your mind

My mage was 3/4 INT and 1/4 VIT before I talked to bad vincent, it really isn’t that awful of a stat; I question why no one uses it…

As for the main poster, yes INT should be your highest stat. In my opinion, VIT should by your 2nd highest