A direct message to all of Vesteria's devs (Constructive)

Currently the Vesterian community and devs are at a very vulnerable part of development. This post is made to exploit this vulnerability to make this game a better game in general. This is not ment to be a pushing point to finish off Vesteria but to make it into a better game and hopefully prolong it’s damaged legacy. @berezaa, I want you to know, if you are struggling or under pressure, tell the community. Being silent will not make any situation better. If you are concerned about something and don’t have enough time to work on Vesteria, TELL THE COMMUNITY. also, @Polymorphic, @Davidii and @other devs (sorry I don’t do much research), you are not forgotten, are you forgiven? you decide.

P.S, I added a dev feedback section and I heavily suggest you guys to check it out.


Ever since the dawn of time, Mage and Warrior were insanely superior compared to Hunter. I can not stress enough, BUFF HUNTER.

Ranger is a powerful subclass and its high dps somewhat makes sense, however, bosses need a bit more ranged defence and ranger stance needs a hefty nerf.

Mages were always favoured by the devs and even somewhat the community, although this doesn’t affect most of the community, it sucks to be in the other 2 classes and see the Vesteria twitter talking about how useful cleric is or looking at how ice call instantly obliterates everything in one shot.

Map bugs including glitched mesh hitboxes, being stuck spawning outside of the map and getting randomly kicked for using teleporters suck and can drain hours of play time (especially the third one).

Losing exp at death is forgivable, losing 10% of your cash is devastating and can easily cause players to rage quit.

Mushroom Raid needs higher exp requirement as even a whole group of organised level 10s can’t even pass wave 6.

Stamina is hated not for it’s existence but for how insanely strict it can be at all times. Running for 3 seconds is sometimes a small challenge.

Bosses need much more anti ranger attacks such as Mo Ko Tu Aa’s laser attack.

Basic mob attacks need more variety than just throwing a rock/spear or just hitting you. Attacks that deal AOE, attacks that attack in a line or even special mob attacks will add variety to every day grinding.


@berezaa, although your discord update announcements are often funny and satirical, it may sometimes come over as passive aggressive and sarcastic.

@Polymorphic, I’m not sure if your working on personal issues, just slacking off or if the team really bloody hates hunters but its been like 7 months since the last hunter dedicated update. (@berezaa, you’ve always seemed to have hated hunters because of the ranger subclass. I don’t want to point too many fingers but I have a feeling that hunter balances and updates are too low on your list)

@Davidii, you’ve been pretty chill with the community, I’m cool with you. Is this an issue? no. Am I going to keep it in? yes.

@ALLDEVS, please input your own opinion and may the opinion rival Bereza’s if necessary. Bereza is a great dev but having him run the wheel for too long creates problematic results such as the permadeath crisis.

@berezaa, if the community doesn’t like something, it typically means that they won’t like the thing you plan to add. Although being the guy that says “Ha, I told you this update was gonna be good” is pretty awesome, it’s not worth the risk

@berezaa, if your ever suffering financially, feel free to take some funds out of Miners Haven, maybe even work on development for a bit. MH will always welcome you with open arms. (Also OutofOrderFoxy needs some help with management and update ideas and Talon needs some mentoring)

@Polymorphic, RAT should have a damn tonne of group funds, feel free to use if your ever suffering financially personally or in development.

@Davidii, hopefully Vesteria isn’t your only source of income but if it is, hopefully Vesteria has received more than enough to pay for living fees.

@ALLDEVS, it’s nice to know if your post has been read, please slap a tag or a digital signature in the comments to tell the post maker that their ideas are read and being considered.

@Davidii, get on TEDx.

But who said it will end here?

alright this made me emotional…

I agree with this too, just remember devs, we’re with you till the game revives and I’m counting on it!


this is a nice cheery post and all but the game advice section is just a conglomerate of your pet peeves and isn’t helpful at all due to it not being constructive

Alright, here we go.

Honestly for me, the main issue for Hunter is the double jump costing stamina. Not too much of a problem when it comes to the use of Stamina iteself, but then when you look at Warriors with a variety of abilities - none of which costing stamina - you think, “This is bullsh*t”. In fact, since Warriors can get more stamina than hunters, it might be wise to give them 2 abilities that cost stamina. I would suggest to the developers making Combat Roll cost 0.5 Stamina and Ground Slam cost 0.5 Stamina as well (and cost a full 1 stamina of you leap forward). Mages wouldn’t have any stamina-costing abilities, however, which makes sense.

I agree. Ranger Stance’s speed buff should be decreased somewhat, and exchange the speed for hold-to-attack.

HA! 10% IS BAD?!?!? TRY DYING 3 TIMES AND LOSING 57% EACH TIME! (Yes, it has happened to me). Seriously, though, I feel like losing 20% of your maximum EXP is MUCH worse than 10% of your money.

Not really that necessary, however this just means the devs should make it so that dungeons remain with no death penalty, or at least a reduced one.

Well, yeah. Base stamina is awful right now and seriously needs a buff. 5 base stamina seems appropriate.

I think this could be a nice feature that prevents people from just sniping and taking little to no damage.


I agree that this would be a cool feature to add to most mobs.

it could have been a deadly disease
nuclear war
global warming


The death penalty is never going away, so why complain about it now?

Vesteria is Dead

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yh looks like he didnt read this at all

minecraft death gang (still a good game)

I think this is too much of an opinion
like the first thing is buff hunters which you didn’t go into in enough detail
like do they have low dmg? Not enough range? More items? you gotta go into these things atleast a bit otherwise the devs don’t know what to do to fix it “correctly”

Secondly a good amount of points don’t have any major reasoning behind it.
Like the losing 10% of money point.
It’s literally 10% that’s like nothing, most it would be is 1g if you had a lot of gold.
Also mushroom apoc is lvl 10-20, if a bunch of lvl 20’s go into sqr they wont be able to beat it berezaa said that the whispering dunes dungeon would be accessable at lvl 40 but you would get yeeted if you went in at that level.
On to the developer feedback part

  1. It’s mainly berezaa’s game, they can do what they want. Sure that could backfire on them but that’s their choice.

Also this feels more “do this” rather than constructive
sure you got some constructive points but it’s mostly “Go buff this class” or “Fix this thing”

Wanted this post to be relatively rant free but lets say you die 5 times and you started with 100 gold. After dying 5 times your gold is now at 59.04. Considering how often people die while fighting bosses and sometimes even high level mobs, this penalty is a bit too harsh. A more reasonable and less harsh amount is maybe losing 5% every time you die. After dying 5 times with 100 gold, your cash will be only reduce to 77.37 gold. Although this is only 18 gold more than dying 5 times with 10 percent, its much more easy to cope with giving the player more of a sense that “I deserved to lose the money because I died” and less of a “The devs need to remove death penalties for being too harsh”.

@Kiritsugu, I did, bere just didn’t post it earlier. An earlier notice could’ve prevented so much trouble.

cleric’s revive needs a use :flushed:

exp is still quite valuable.

I totally agree. Money is easy to get, I don’t care about losing 10s out of 100. The xp sucks though…

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no penalty in dungeon
exp meant to be twice as easier to get now

10s out of 100 isnt too bad but when your in end game, 10 gold outta 100 could completely ruin your day making stacking money basically obsolete.

Who even needs 100 gold in the first place?

typically you stock gold at end game to save for new items when they get released.

Yeah but 100 GOLD?!?

Why is 90g so much worse that 100g? Like, not trying to be rude, but why would you ever need that much in the first place?