A Couple Ideas for the Hunters/Dexterity

With Warriors already seen as the top guns and with us Mages getting a buff of our own, I worry that the Hunters out there will be outshined.

Flaws that the Hunter class already has as it is:

  • A lack of mobility despite having the most dex, the other classes’ mobility skills outshine double jump and more sprint time. It takes longer for a hunter to get from point a to point b compared to that of other classes due to this.

  • A lack of AoE. Sure, the Hunter class is supposed to be burst damage based, but in a game where every other class is good at crowd control except for you - and also considering mobs do enjoy coming in as hordes, this can be overwhelming to the hunters. They have the smallest hitboxes and can only meet good performance at one-on-one combat. Versing three or more enemies would be a simple task for a Warrior or a Mage, but Hunters have to think about what they’re doing.

So how does one go about fixing these flaws?

  • Dexterity should also increase the speed of sprinting, rather than just more stamina. This not only gives other classes who invest into dex a bonus, it also gives Hunter a better shot at traveling at the pace of the others.

  • Knife throw is already underperforming as an ability. I am well aware that in the next update it will receive a damage buff, but that still doesn’t really help their case much as it can still easily be dodged (combat roll and blink are kind of powerful). I suggest that it has a slight AoE potential by throwing multiple knives at once. Perhaps throwing 3 daggers at the same time in a “W” trajectory could suffice? Not only does it allow for amazing burst damage (in point blank range all 3 knives can hit the same target), it also allows for AoE potential at long range.

These are just some ideas I was thinking about. What do you guys think? (And I do apologize if these ideas have already been discussed.)

TL;DR: Hunters can’t move well. They also suck at fighting many things at once. Make them run faster and throw many knives.

I support this even though I’ve never played as a Hunter.

Addition of subclasses to the game would fix all these problems.

i support this because i am a hunter and hunter is cool but needs more to keep up with the rest

As a hunter the execute aoe seems to be plenty, but I do agree with the speed of the hunter is unacceptable and should be buffed.

maybe hunter can also have a horizontal movement skill too

(and mage have a vertical skill)