A Comeback of Perma Death?


Within Bereza’s Vesteria Team February-April Dev Roadmap post, what struck out the most from the roadmap was the concept of rebirthing/sacrificing. It is understandable that this is the most efficient and realistic path Vesteria will have to take in order to be a successful game as in his post.

Rebirthing/sacrificing will be a way for players to re experience the game and earn “tokens” based on their hard-earned efforts:

This is a great incentive route to encourage players to challenge and experience the world without speed running it to level 50. The more you do, the more tokens you earn.

Perma Death

Bereza has tried pushing for perma death in Vesteria before but the community stood very divided. But with the rebirth system coming, this may change everyone’s view on perma death.

With the token system in mind, hardcore players will be longing for more than just completing all quests, killing X number of bosses, X number of dungeon runs. These hardcore players will want to maximize how much tokens they earn within the time frame of their slot. What better way for these players to truly challenge themselves than to add Perma death?

When starting your new/rebirthed slot, you will be given the option to enable hardcore (perma death) mode. The player who chooses this option will obviously have one life and perhaps take more damage from mobs, but everything they do from that point on will hold more weight. Beat the Spider Queen Dungeon with perma death activated? extra tokens earned than if you did without perma death activated. Wow you’ve ventured across the desert for relic pieces and pages to a lost archaeologist whilst on hardcore mode? Here’s some extra tokens! But if you die, you lose everything, even your deity currency! Deity currency would need to be soulbound to the player to prevent them from storing their currency in the nilgarf bank incase they end up dying.

If you are to be rewarded for your accomplishments, then you should be rewarded for the quality of your accomplishments too which is why I am a firm supporter of perma death.

Of course perma death mode would be optional and players who wish to challenge themselves in hopes of earning more tokens could choose to partake in this mode. Having a group of friends getting together in hardcore mode and taking on dungeons and bosses together sounds like a lot of fun.


Adding perma death with the upcoming rebirth/sacrifice system would spice up the game tremendously for hardcore players who want a chance at earning even more tokens than normally. There’s obvious areas that would need ironing out such as:

  • should perma death slots be able to access bank items to prevent item transferring for easier gameplay and more tokens?

  • What if perma death mode is exploitable and made too easy?

There is likely more conflicts than I can think of at the moment.

I see no better time with adding perma death to the game now than any time before in Vesteria’s life. Would you like to see a perma death mode added to the game as an option or not? All criticism and add-ons are welcome and potentially needed.

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:clown_face: no please

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I respect your opinion but

Please don’t bring my trauma from Rogue Lineage to Vesteria

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The way I see it, everyone will be rebirthing and sacrificing their slots multiple times. Why not give the hardcore players an option to choose if their slot becomes perma death?

yea you could do that

no, permadeath is not coming back
everyone calm down

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635514902307405836 no

i don’t really think the community criticized berezaa because of the very idea of permadeath in a game like vesteria, i think it was because they did not like how berezaa was going to force permadeath on every single slot

all he could have done to prevent major community backlash was change it from forcing permadeath on every slot to permadeath being completely optional so if you want a more hardcore vesteria, you can flick a switch yourself if you desire to rather than berezaa flicking the switch without your consent


If players are going to be running dungeons, plus fighting bosses, and perma death was implemented, high levels would be farming low level bosses to get extra tokens without the risk of dying. This would make it pretty much impossible for low levels to farm from their level of boss. I like the death penalty, it makes you stay in your level, but I don’t think perma death would be a good idea…

High levels farming lower level bosses for extra tokens is still possible without the perma death feature so it is a flaw in the rebirth system instead. We would assume the devs will have a proper and balanced system in place to prevent this if it becomes an issue.

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Honestly, permadeath is a great idea, I don’t know why so many people want the game to be easy. However, an idea to support both sides would be an option between “normal mode” and “hardcore mode” when you start the game.

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sorry pal not coming anyway

The problem is that no one would want to use this feature that devs would have to take effort to pull out. I only see use for speedrunners or rebirth grinders.

add achievement of dying 0 times for more tokens

I like the idea, but loss of Deity Currency is just that tad too far…