A bug with either crabby's or all enemies

So, this has been happening for quite some time now. The video will explain the issue greatly. Video of bug I don’t know if this is intended but as you can see when i kill the crabby i am not able to walk over it until it disappears. Just saying you should be able to walk over it when killed.

I get redirected to google :c

Lemme see here

This has been a problem with spiders and scarecrows for a while, especially annoying in spider caves where you can get stuck with invisible walls for a few seconds.

I dont think anyone has reported it yet though.

@Meta can you combine this and the one by waterwolf

I searched it up on google, i did not find it yeah, combine it.

Smh, trying to walk over dead bodies. You have no respect for the dead /s

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You don’t repect the dead either, let everything vesteria rest in peace

Can’t be dead if it keeps growing ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Take a zombie fungus thing for example, it takes over a ant, the ant keeps growing, the zombie fungus slowly eats the ant but the ant still grows even though its getting controlled. After the ant is devoured he zombie fungus uses its body as a high point to spread its spores.

Okay, neat.

So let it Rest In Peace, it it keeps growing I’ll still help moderate it though, gotta feed the zombie ants.

If you don’t like it then leave, we’re still getting new members. I really didn’t want to start an argument over a discord because that seems like something that potm would do and I don’t want to go that low.

I’m not… I just thought it kinda died, if it’s still growing I’ll still be helpful and moderate it. It’s a pretty good channel.

Also how rude, POTM is not that toxic.

Okay, have a nice day.

i thought I fixed this a while ago X_X

Rip, dead bodies strike again

Zombies confirmed?