A bug to fiX hopeFully

I think the DevELopemEnt teaM SHould Work on the bug where you Take damage from no one, or when others take damage you also take damage.

yep, I hope there is a really good reason that this isnt fixed. This happened last playtest and they have had a week to fix it. I cant do anything in this game right now.

Same, waiting a week to finally not being able to play correctly is really annoying.

Very disappointed with this weeks test, game was nearly unplayable. 5/10 would not recommend again.

I Believe The Problem Is That They Weren’t Able To Fix The Bug In 1 Week. Also Not That Many People Did Post Error Screenshots From What I Can See. Though This Week, There Are More Screenshots.

Another problem is that after there weren’t many players on, the bug just stopped happening.

To quote this: Good news and bad news the devs do know of the bug, but they weren’t planning to open it for another playtest, so they probably had other things in mind, and when they decided to open it again, they announced it and realized it was too much to fix with how much time they had, or they never really found out what was making it happen. For more detail, look at the top comment as of the time I’m posting this (October 15, 2018)

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