A brave, but dumb Warrior jumps a giga giant Spider Queen!

Footage by @ArcaneFxre taken in January 2019

  • Big F for a brave warrior
  • What a noob
  • How the hek did that Spider Queen get there?

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I don’t know if this is me missing a joke, but I don’t see a video.

there’s a video for me, is it there now?

It isn’t.

odd, maybe try on a different device if you can.

In all seriousness, how DID that thing get there?

giga giants can only be spawned by devs, soooo…

BuT wHaT aBoUt ThE tImEr In ThE sPiDeR dUnGeOn

giga giants, not the normal spider queen or yeti.

He means the timer in Spider Queens Revenge that runs out if you don’t complete the dungeon in time

wHy necrobUmp

epic necrobump bruh
now delet this

are you serious

could a leader close dis

yeah pls close this

Necrobumped. No longer relevant.