A boss raid system?

A raid system that alerts the users that a raid has begun. It will gather up a large group of people and they will fight one very strong boss. It will give decent rewards.

the devs are working on the spider queen boss and you have to enter the spider queen lair in order to participate in the raid i’m pretty also they already have stuff like this which is the spider queen raid.
it looks like this but this was when berezaa spawned it in it’s not finished yet they just manually spawned this spider queen boss in.

Oh… i knew about the speder queen but not the raid thing

Are you talking about a public raid? Or an organised raid which alerts specified users? Because public raids usually end in failure as it is near impossible to organise a group of people you aren’t familiar with, and don’t know their play-style. I’m generally against the idea of a public raid, as there are many guilds who could organise raids, but would most likely fail if there is interference from non-guild members. Example: a specified tanker is unable to get attention of boss due to non-guild members attacking boss at wrong time.

  1. The Spider Queen isn’t a raid, it’s basically just a boss battle. Raids won’t come out any time soon, they will be coming out in the release of Beta, or maybe the full game release.
  2. The public raids will be pretty hard, but from our experience the game’s players are top level plus, everyone is cooperative in Vesteria, many people are known from grinding and talking in chat a lot. Especially level 30s, they grind a lot, we know that, and they have sort of a popularity from the activity in the game.
  3. I have no ideas for raids, xd.
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