A better way to make Vesteria replayable

Ok I wrote this last night so It might be a iffy, but whatever. I also understand a lot of you guys will disagree with me that’s totally fine I get it please don’t write a long reply about it.

Ok I’ve been thinking, people are posting these kind of things (Vesteria update ideas) a lot of them… no all of them are GREAT but I’ve noticed how they all handle the problem where faceing, re playability. Some say restart the lvls others are more tame and kind to the player creating new high lvl areas or gear, but the issue I have is all of these feel like forcing them continue to play after 50. I argue we should make the players WANT to keep playing after a lvl cap of 50. This way we don’t have to keep adding new higher lvl gear and areas or keep restarting lvls to keep players interested.

With that said we can still make high lvl gear, but I think the best way to go is the following, turn to highly re playable games we love and ask “Why do people keep playing this?” Like take Minecraft for example (not saying we add building no no no this is for example only) people continue after they get diamond gear WHY? What keeps people interested AFTET THE GRINDING

To keep on theme with Vesteria I offer some ideas I like. Please come up with your own in the reply’s.

a) Perfections and gardening

b) New characters you can befriend to unlock relationships leading to new highly involved quests like the ones used to unlock subclass abilitys.

c) more things like tribute wars! Mini games and dungeons are great for this.

Ok that took me REALLY long. Thx please come up with ideas in the replies.

I like the idea of new quests only accessible by rebirthing

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Make unique and epic boss fights that are only accessible if certain criteria are met, which can only be met by backtracking, at least a little. Kinda like Asriel Dreemurr in Undertale, you can only get that if you go back and do the dating sequences with Papyrus, Undyne, and Alphys.


professions will help with this a lot


a) Already planned and is being implemented. I’ve seen leaks somewhere but I forgot where they are.

b) Quests are subclass abilities are being implemented too but the ‘new characters relationship quests’ sound really cool.

c) Yes.

Check here for more info: Vesteria Team February-April Dev Roadmap

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Ya I heard about the Subclass quests they gave me the idea for b, Ber says they’ll take 2+ days so Im exited

Long quests are my jam

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