A battle between two guilds!

just today there was a battle between two guilds those being:
Protectors of the Mushroom (POTM) and 7 Sins (7S.)

It ended with 7S winning only by a close call.
I hope in the future we will be able to organise more of these kinds of wars between guilds.

After you watch the video

As you can see the last 6 minutes of the video are @TheOfficialSin fighting VideoApollo In a very close battle nvm it turns out that that appolo had 900 HP at the end of the battle. PvP balance in this game is very important and this can be an example to why once the developers’ start reworking PvP they need to get it just right.

If you want to see the video without the commentary you can simply turn off the sound
at the time I didn’t know OBS recorded sound from discord xd

The Fellowship War
Battle II: Battle of Sin

lol that blue guy was still there.


It wasn’t a close call, Apollo still had 900 HP


he had? geez, it felt like a close call


he was running away and knife throw spamming

isnt that a little easy to says when hunter have a low def and warrior can have better dmg than hunter pretty easly

Hush, we already know POTM is better than 7 Sins and is going to win the war, let us have this one win.

sure, whatever comforts your inevitable doom : )

no we dont know even if they have more max lvl it dont mean they all superior than us, i agree that some of their max lvl are good but it dont mean all

Hani is just going to destroy us all.

I mean I did chase him around for the last 6 minutes before I ran out of mana potions.

All Apollo did was run and dodge all my skills while using Knife Throw which has autoaim in close range.

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Apollo played Hunter like he was a Mage. xd

Things have changed. Hani has taught me the ways. I will prevail next time.

so you guys complaining about hunter dodging cuz of their extrem lack of def and lower dmg than warrior

just don’t host this while I’m oversleeping

There’s a difference between dodging and running around in circles for 6 minutes long.

we are complaining because he constantly ran away and abused his knife throw like mages abuse their zap <3

tru tru

maybe we can have a timelimit on these battles so people arent running around for infinity 6 minutes

so if he was “constantly” running why he was doing some execute and even killed sin with execute ?