A bank will be added?

MAybe u will be able to buy mushcoins here

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i thought that was a marketplace where the players sell stuff lol

well there is a big coins icon

Could be a bank or storage system

i think it will be a market

hmmm now that I think about it ithink that too

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I thought it would be like a stock investment place

nah it’s place where you buy cheese jeez u guys dont get it!!111

We’ll add a bank eventually, not sure when.


I think it will most likely be a storage or a public market where you can list stuff for other people to buy.

What will the bank do

the bank will not sell mushcoin because the game is not p2w

Store items and maybe currency, basically more inventory slots. It’ll likely be synced across your save slots.


Ooohh !

Hope there is a building for guilds too so that we can post our guild there Eclipse :slight_smile:

the developers said there will be a lot of focus on guilds

nobody cares about your garbage guild :joy: