90 stat point perks

So I was thinking, there should be more motive to put points into a stat deeper than 70 for only the perk, my idea is for a perk for each stat at 90 points.

Vampire Blade/Lifesteal/Vampirism/Leech
VIT’s perks are based off of survivability, my idea for this perk is that there is a 1/15 chance that dealing damage restores 1.2% of the damage you deal as health. If you get a kill then you restore 4.8% of the damage of the killing blow. This perk doesn’t apply to status effects. and has a 1 second cooldown.

Combo Attack
STR’s perks are based off of dealing damage (generally physical attack) my idea for this perk is a damage bonus applied to physical attacks that stacks up to 5: what this does is that for every hit you land you gain a +1% damage bonus that lasts for 2 seconds, if you miss an attack then it resets, if it runs out it resets. the damage is half for bows

Longshot and Fast slash
DEX’s perks are based off of speed and utility, my idea for this perk is that it is 2 different perks, only ONE being active at a time. one for bows and one for melee weapons. the bow perk makes shotgun arrows go as far as normal arrows, and split into lesser damage arrows occasionally. the melee perk is hitting a target can cause faster attacks, with attacks dealing .75x damage of the last but being twice as fast, stacking up to 2 times.

Quick Potion/Auto Mana
INT’s perks are based off of magic damage, mana and utility, my idea for this perk is that if you run out of mana, you automatically drink the highest tier mana potion in your inventory. (inspired by the mana flower from terraria)

for the int ability you should be able to toggle it w/ a key kind

Already a thing. 30 VIT perk. Looks like Pillage Vitality. Also, Execute to deal final blow and you’ll restore most of your HP.

It’s an orb upgrade, also any hunters who would spend 90 points into VIT are missing a huge chunk of DPS any other hunter would get.

10/10 Execute deals a ton of dmg still, especially if you use a Terul’s Talon/Shattersun Dirk with good scrolling (at least +14).

but still 4.8% of that damage is restored as health, only 4.8%

4.8% of ~5k is still a lot. Also, Hunters only have like 1.7k at max lvl assuming no VIT.

but that’s only 240 health restored.

Ultimately, any such perk would result in Hunters becoming literally unkillable.

My Ranger has a Spider Fang Dagger +10 (trying for Fierce, not after a holy for that), 50 DEX, 10 INT, and the rest in STR. Deals about 3k per dagger swing, hits maybe 25 times per second.

ok so I nerfed it so that it has a 1 sec cooldown.

Maybe make it to where it only works on every 30-40th hit.

The INT perk is kind of lacking and feels just like a macro to me, rework it maybe