5th/6th/7th/8th stuck at the whipsering dunes yay!

Lv up 40 to 41

previous posts:
(4th day stuck at the whispering dunes)
some random pictures:
New mob!
I guess that nearly all i can leak for yall.Thx for watching this and supporting me to do this.
Have a good day

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Is it just mostly an empty map with the content missing or are you just not showing all of it im curious

its truly an empty map,only have bandits and scorpions
and i truly have nothing to leak more

Can you find the dungeon

maybe this?

Yeah i remember that picture can you go in there also you can probably leave there now with the new death penalty

hmm yup! but i will bye my 1.6g in peace

oh rip


That map looks frickin amazing.

We are forever grateful for your sacrifice


I’m actually a little jealous of you. The mobs there are higher level than the highest level mobs you can find normally but are as weak (maybe even weaker?) than moglo. Easy exp.
Besides that. You get to explore an unreleased map! How cool is that? Though I’ve been there too, I was limited to only about an hour of following Berezaa around. You get multiple days. Think about how blessed you are that you are in that position. Always look for the silver lining.

why every pictures you take you all point your character away from the screen?

u can sell those items on the black market

you could get some proper pictures and research of mobs for the wiki

nah nty

Nice job, reporting back to the community we will review your report and you’ve obtained omega spy badge

Where sand leak

where air leak