5 things mages need changed

I played right after the update and mages became downright stinky, low damage, low melee capability and kinda squishy overall. It just doesn’t feel right.

  1. Revert the mage bomb change. Although the change allows mages to experiment with DEX/INT hybrids, it’s still quite stupid to make casting magic spells require dexterity. It also takes a big chunk out of mages’ DPM (I know the damage was jacked up, it still is an overall decrease) as Venom Bomb was basically squished from 4 puddles to 1. Either revert the change or jack the damage up even more at the cost of radius.
  2. More abilities. Mages’ ability pool has always been dry, 3 abilities plus 3-4 subclass abilities is quite lacking compared to, say, hunters and warriors. Perhaps add unique spells such as debuffs; Warrior has a war cry and a stun, why not a magical bolt which causes knockback or such?
  3. Smoother spell casting and the choice to intercept a spell casting at any time. As simple as it sounds; make the casting animation smoother and a keybind to cancel the animations.
  4. Tomes. Yes. Just a simple bound book in Nilgarf or forgotten in the Dunes would help, equippable as an offhand. A simple buff to your INT stats or something is always welcome.
  5. A dungeon with mage exclusive armour. SQR has the Arachnid set; Forsaken has the masks; and mages don’t have anything. I know this may take a long time to make, but it is well deserved.

Could someone explain exactly what the Magic Bomb rework was? I can’t find any patch notes, and all I have is a GIF from Twitter of Berezza testing some idea for it. I’d rather not waste 50 silver on redoing my stats until I know what changed.