5 stat vitality perk rework

At the moment, vitality is in a great place! Besides the fact that hearth hasn’t been programmed in and that its 5-stat perk Regeneration+ is much less useful compared to each other stat tree’s 5 stat-perk.

Lets take a look at each stat tree’s perks.

“Heavy Slash” - 1.2x “Double Slash” damage
Endurance” - Stamina +1
“Regeneration+” - 1.25x “Regeneration” healing
“Intelligent” - Gain 15 Max MP

As you can see, all of these perks are gained when you have 5 dex, 5 vit, 5 int, or 5 str respectively.
They all have utility and are generally better for a character to try and obtain instead of putting those 5 points into more intelligence or strength to deal higher base damage. All of them except for Regeneration+ which will only be useful for an adventurer early-game since regeneration does not scale with your health bar.

I have two proposals as to how this issue could be fixed in order to make vitalities 5 stat perk more useful and just as valued as the other 3 perks.

1: Move Rejuvenation into Regeneration+'s slot, and add a new skill to Rejuvenation’s old slot.

2: Rework Regeneration+ to buff all healing effects applied to the player by 1.25x their normal healing values instead of just regeneration, allowing the perk user to gain extra health from any methods of healing themselves other than consumables.
This means that warlocks lifesteal would drain more of the enemies health, clerics could heal you for more, and regeneration would still get its healing bonus.


Rejuvenation is a big no. It should be replaced with 1 HP passive healing per second in combat. It is very difficult to notice its effects while idle, and it is easily overshadowed by using potions.

Regeneration+ is balanced and fine. It is meant to be for early game anyway since it greatly improves the Regeneration skill.

I don’t think you got my point. The other 3 perks are necessary for an efficient endgame build. Intelligent lets you cast an extra skill or two before you need to use mana potions, and pairs very well with the 10 intelligence perk ‘Persistent’. Same goes for Heavy slash and first strike, which give you extra damage on the opening attack in a fight and more damage for your follow-up attacks.
The dexterity perk ‘Endurance’ also pairs super well with dexterity’s second perk swiftness, and allows you to have ultimate control over mobility and dodging attacks.

All of these perks have traits that can be useful if stated up to 5 but work extra well together with the 10 stat perks.

The problem is that Vitality’s first perk gives this 20 mana spell with diminishing returns a whopping bonus of 20HP upon using this early-game skill that becomes worthless less than 5 levels into a save slot.

Having this perk benefit other skills than regeneration would make sure that it’d still be worth going for early into any character’s lifespan just like the other 5 stat perks, without those points becoming a permanent stain on your character like regeneration+ does.

why not make Regeneration itself scale with HP? that way it’ll balance out for early and end game alike

Berezaa has made it clear in the past that he wants skills like regeneration and magic missile to be exclusively used earlygame and that they should have diminishing returns later on. (Regeneration is to help with potion shortages earlygame, and magic missile is so that adventurers can still invest into intelligence earlygame and not be useless.)

Regeneration could scale with HP, but then it’d make skills like prayer and clerics healing spells redundant compared to regeneration due to their mana costs. Letting the regeneration+ perk effect all healing abilities is probably the best route to go here.