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Ogre Creek

Teleport Description: A wetland of horrors.

It has a small laboratory where you get one of the quests.

Ogres and Crocolides or some other sort of reptile-like creature (I’m going to put these in Monster Brainstorm soon)

#1 Part 1: You have to obtain 30 Croc Scales for research.
Part 2: Clear 5 Croc Nests
Part 3: Steal 5 Croc eggs for further research.
Rewards: Silver, EXP, Potions, A Stat Boost of your choice.

#2 Kill 30 Ogre

More Detail for Taximan Dave

I have been having this cool idea for Taximan Dave that if you buy a ticket or a ride then like the wayfarer, it shows a cut scene with you going to your location with you on the back of the cart with the Taximan driving it with his horses. It would also take a bit longer than a normal place teleport but that is mostly because Taximan Dave doesn’t drive a magic school bus, nor is he the cat in the hat who can take you wherever you want to go in mere seconds.


I think there should be a tavern in Nilgarf where players can hang out and there should be a new quest.
Like Roblox Advertising with Bids The Tavern can have a Bulletin Board type thing where other players can post stuff that they want, for example, looking for guild members or Maybe EVENT: 10 PM EST MONSTER LURE RAMPAGE IN DUNES
New Quest:

Tavern Customer: Hey, can you do this ol’ man a favor? My wife has fallen deathly ill. I heard about a Magical Plant called the Prancing Dewberry. Apparently, it can heal any type of disease. It’s too dangerous for an ol’ man like me. Will you get it for me?

Response One You: Nothing scares me!
Response Two You: Sorry, that’s too dangerous for me!

Requirement: Level 43

After you go to the area where there is supposed to be the Prancing Dewberry, most likely in the Dunes as a special form of cacti that grows in an area surrounded by mobs most likely, you find out that the Prancing Dewberry was stolen by a bandit due to bandit remains or items, you then have to track the bandit down to an old hut in the outermost Area of the dunes, you then have to fight a bunch of other bandits to clear the area and enter inside the hut, where an old Bandit is staring down at someone in a bed, the bandit says, please don’t kill me, my wife, she is dying, please, you have got to help me do this. You have then got to decide who you want to save, The Bandit, The Old Man’s Wife in the Tavern.

Reward: Bandit: Bandit Shoes
Reward: Old Man: Wisdom Shoes that give more Int and WalkSpeed
Consequence: The Charachter who you don’t give the Berry to will hate you, every time you interact they will say something cheesy like GET OUT OF MY FACE or maybe you can resolve the conflict because you can hook him up with the Archmage or something and he will Pray for the Guidance of Vesra or the Power of Tal-Rey :upside_down_face:

Seems fine, but what exactly do the Bandit Shoes do, and the last quest is basically implying either way a person dies, which would be kinda dark for Vesteria.
Also 15 silver is nothing to a level 43 player

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Edited with a better price but what do you suppose a good reward is?

They could have various perks that the developer could choose from such as Faster Walkspeed in the Dunes which the Bandits crafted to get around the dunes quicker, or more Vitality.

Hogs Die, Scarecrows Die, Bandits Die, Players die, it makes it seem like the player has more choice in their actions which is a more immersive experience.

I meant, like, NPCs in cities are humanised, and, well, you have to make a moral decision and stuff, just saying an NPC dying would put a damper on the game mood
Edit: 100 silver is nothing to a one chance to acquire boot thing like the Bandit Boots, kind of like the Astrologists Staff, the re sale value of the staff is AT LEAST a gold

you mean Terul?

Yes, oops.

Edited it with a better prize and so it was more balanced, maybe you can go and tell the other side the bad news and once you approach them, they tell you Tkank You because Terul had visited them in his almighty form and saved her from her ailment because you had also helped Terul before as a requirment for the quest is to finish the Lost Palace Quest, Terul then leaves a note saying, “We are equal now, till we meet again mortal.” Or the Developers can take out the choice completely.

It’s Tal-Rey not Terul sorry m8. Tal-Rey is a powerful mage you didn’t help, you just proved your ‘wisdom’ and didn’t die, so maybe it makes Vesra come as the pub owner prayed to her and she took mercy?

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Since I noticed that you have reposted all of these ideas in their own topic (and I’m too lazy to post this on all of them), I suggest that you not make any reposts of ideas if you already created a topic for it.