24 Hours later - My time in Vesteria

Hi! I’m Yuji. You all may know me as that guy who posted that 1337 word post (Yes, I counted) that was so long, that the TL;DR alone was longer than most forum posts. Or you all might have never known I existed in the first place, and that’s cool too. But now, I have surpassed the limit of how unnecessary my actions can be! That’s right, I am now "That one kid who stayed in the game for 24 hours after it shut down for no real reason"

Here is my story, filled with tales of ordinary events and completely mundane actions, told in an over-dramatic fashion because I really have nothing better to do.

First of all, I need to give a bit of background for why I even attempted this. Last week, I found out that the game doesn’t actually kick you out when it is closed after testing. I ended up making it about 3 hours into the closed time before crashing. After I crashed, Poly showed up and showed some new stuff to all of the remaining players. I was sad that I missed out on this opportunity, so I decided to stay on as late as possible in hopes of getting to talk to a dev or something fun like that.

The game closed at about 8:30PM for me last night. I assumed it would go on for longer, but the many players were plagued by bugs, causing them to take damage from seemingly nothing at all. This caused many players to leave the game early, and few stayed after the game closed. Most of the time initially after the game closed went the same as the rest of the test. Some players attempted to grind spiders or crabs, but they were brutally murdered by unknown attacks.

A couple of hours in was where the true magic begun to happen. Once there was about 100 players on the server, the amount of unexplained damage we would take lowered significantly. This allowed us to continue grinding mobs. Sadly, spiders became very rare in the caves, and ended up not spawning at all. We went back to the beach and continued to kill crabs (and I climbed a palm tree). By now, there were about 30-50 players remaining in the game.

In my quest for something to do, I decided to return back to the Enchanted Forest. When I got there, I saw the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in Vesteria. The spiders had come back! Players rejoiced! I almost cried! (Ok, that’s a lie) I’m pretty sure I even heard the shopkeeper clapping! We hurried back to grinding spiders, slowly levelling up for the next hour or two.

After 3 hours of the game being closed, only 15 players remained. We decided to go searching for other signs of life. 5 People were found in the Enchanted Forest, and another 5 on the beach. One was in the town and two were in the grotto. The world may never know where those other two players were, since we never found them. This may have been foreshadowing for the future of my adventure.

Sometime during this, the two adventurers joining me (Shoutouts to 2liquidflame and Angelwolf229932) decided to make a video exploring all of the locations in Vesteria. This was a fun way to spend some time away from solid grinding while also helping the community with a guide.

About 5 hours in, we started to get tired. We had grinded to around level 25 and were ready to sleep. At this point only 5 players remained. The three of us, and two mystery players. We went to go find the remaining two, buy could only find one guy autoclicking at the beach.

2liquidflame was the first of us to go. After staying awake until 4:20 his time (1:20 for me) both Angelwolf and 2liquidflame decided to go to sleep. 2liquidflame decided to log off, and angelwolf stayed in the game, but was asleep. I never saw either of them again. I was alone.

I continued to grind. I waited and waited, in hopes that I would meet someone else in the server, whether it be a dev or another survivor like me. I found nobody. I waited until a little past 2:00AM praying that I would find someone… anyone. I did not. I walked over to the clearing and decided to guard the castle as I slept.

I woke up next morning to 3 players remaining. I searched high and low for any signs of others, but found nothing. Even the guy who was autoclicking in town had disappeared. Although there were 3 people in the game, I couldn’t help but feel totally alone in this unknown world. It had been 12 hours since the game closed.

Around this time, rumors that there was not going to be a playtest next week started surfacing. Just in case, I decided to grind up to the arbitrary level cap of 30. After this I was completely lost. I had done everything I had set out to do, besides one thing… meet a developer. Thus, the waiting game began.

I did many things to pass the time. I tried making friends with the townsfolk, but they would just blankly stare back at me whenever I tried to communicate. I made a few more rounds of the world, checking to make sure I hadn’t missed anyone. I had not, I was still alone.

It was only then when I discovered my true purpose in Vesteria. You see, in the mushroom forest, there is a large mushroom. This isn’t any normal mushroom, mind you, this mushroom is H U G E. Besides being large, what exactly is special about this? How could I find any purpose in a mushroom? (Honestly, I was so tired and lost that I could have found purpose in anything at that point) You see, mushrooms in Vesteria have a very special property: they allow you to bounce when you touch them. The best part is that the bigger a mushroom, the further you get bounced. I needed to know how far that mushroom could send me.

I spent a long time, probably too much time, trying to touch this gigantic mushroom. To get anywhere near to the mushroom, you would have to bounce on top on a large mushroom, and get launched in just the right way. This was its own problem, as finding a way to get onto the large mushrooms was hard enough. I ended up double jumping up a tree to get to a mushroom growing on the side of a hill, but could not reach the top of the massive mushroom. I had to give up for now.

During all of this, I was constantly refreshing the game page to make sure that no new players had come on or left. This time, when I refreshed I saw the number 5. I ran as fast as I could to the Enchanted Forest, and found Mass inside. Although it wasn’t a dev, I was happy to see another living player. Sadly, this didn’t last for long since Mass left soon after. I was back to being alone again, this time forever.

While writing this post, I did a few more attempts on getting to the big mushroom. I found another way to get close to the top. It worked and I actually made it… and the mushroom doesn’t bounce players.

I am still alone on this server as of now, waiting in hopes of someone coming online. If anyone sees this and wants to come visit, I am currently on top of the giant mushroom!

In the end, this definitely was a total waste of time and I would not recommend that anyone try this. If there’s another test next week, I’ll probably do the same thing, and have the same results, so some of you should come and join me! :stuck_out_tongue:


And if you were wondering, yes, this post was also 1337 words long.

(Yes, I have a ton of money. No, I didn’t cheat it in. A dude who abused dupe glitches gave it to me saying that berezaa gave him the money, so i was happy to recieve it. Once I learned it was duped, I got it back to 1 tril, and need to send it to poly or berezaa or somethin.)

Well, that was eventful to say the least.

Are you still in the game?

Yep, I’m still here

oh god, you should have probably tagged @berezaa about this

Well that was an interesting story. I was in the last 15 people that stayed in the game. I’m pretty sure I saw the liquidflame and angelwolf persons at the beach when I was grinding but I’m not sure I ever saw you. I reached level 20 at the beach at some point and there was only one person there with me. At that point, I was tired as hell so I just decided that reaching level 20 was good enough for a whole day and I got off. Maybe I’ll see you next play test.

I never traveled around with them while they were looking for people since they are warriors and have access to the roll. If you jump and roll at the same time you can get some crazy speed, so they were the ones who could move around the fastest.

Oh trust me I know about the roll lol. I was using it to massacre crabs as quickly as I could. Towards the end, I was able to solo the Giant Crabs because no one else wanted to fight it (i.e there was 1 person with me in the server)

I am quite scared that I missed berezaa or poly while I was at school. Or even worse: they shut the server down while I was at school.

jeez now that we know there is gonna be another playtest do you think your gonna stay in for another 24 hours? lol

Of course! According to Poly, they don’t update the servers until Friday, so that means my current endeavor might continue on until then. Over the next few days I hope to put out some super great and detailed guides about the game. So be ready for that!

oh okay thanks :+1::+1:

As of 5:47 PM, 10/8/2018, I am no longer in the game. It was fun while it lasted, even though I never did get to see a developer…

Due to your commitment for being in the game so long, I dub thee, “The Sleepless Knight”. Play on words intended.

Which by the way if they add titles 100% give you that unique one