1v1 Arena, 2 Different Concepts

The Staking Arena will be where players can bet items and gold in a fight, they will bet their own items (dosen’t have to be the same on both sides) then they fight with equal weapons such as each has a stick and no armor.

For example:
Billy and John want to bet 1k gold each on a battle,
They both but in 1k gold in the GUI to start a 1v1 battle,
They each fight and chose to do a 1v1 with hunter weapons, each has a bow and no armor.
John ends up winning and gets 2k gold,
Could this system work? Or would gambling like that not work out?

Another one would be competition for 1v1’s
for example 1 win is +1 score, losing is -1 point,
each week is a new season
like 5 points for rank 2
10 points for rank 3
20 points for rank 4 and so on,
each rank gives you a bonus, such as a badge to wear, a cosmetic cape to wear on your back showing off how cool you are. I would not want gold as rewards or any item like that.
It is not set who are are up against and it is a random search with another player,
The top 50, top 10 and first place will each get a rare perm cape showing it off,
the #1 person will wear a special cape while they are still champion, once another player is champion next season, they will get a regular cape showing they were once champion.
could this work?

I rilly think this could work and i couldn’t say anything bad about it nice work :wink:

take this will a grain of salt since this isn’t official information and just something the devs threw out there. but yes, PVP is coming

idk if he know this but i am agreeing with how you would pvp that he stated

I feel like both systems (Staking system and global championship) would work very well.

Additionally, I would like to see the addition of a multiple player battle like a mix of fortnite and league of legends. Modes like solo, duos, and 4 player squads would be selectable. The game would include player leveling and item purchasing, along with the already-implemented scroll system for item enhancement.

How it’ll work (from my perspective):

Players travel to a certain location on the map, and from there they enter the queue. After reaching 4/5th of the maximum capacity of players, a 15 second countdown begins. Players are teleported into the map.

Upon entering, they would have a 1 minute grace period to kill enemies such as shrooms and level up. After that, PvP is enabled. Currently, damage scaling is good enough for PvP, however it may need tweaking to account for player HP being significantly lower than enemy HP at higher levels.

The last player(s) standing receive a “win” and a special cosmetic item that is randomly rolled. At certain win milestones, players receive more cosmetics. The global number 1 for wins in a “season” receives an assortment of cosmetic items that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Each season introduces new items.

tl;dr fortnite in vesteria, cosmetics as a prize, everyone starts with equal stuff, squads or solo