100% Why The Game Shouldn't Be 1k Robux !Confirmed!

That Isn’t Even Me Blaming You, It Is Just Common Sense. If You Don’t Like How I Act, Should I Change It? Obviously The Answer Is No As I Should Live My Life How I Want To.

Well could you go for the very least for 800 robux? it kind of feels a waste to spend 5 dollars extra just to get enough so it becomes 1000 robux you’d might aswell just ask for the price of 1 300 robux… So for the very least make it 800 robux, Hope that changes your mind.

Couldn’t you just buy 3 80 robux packages? That would be $13. Saving $2 of work

No the lowest one i can buy is the 400 robux one which cost 5 euros. well 4.95 to be specific.

Yeah, just keep asking yourself those questions, cause I sure never said anything about you changing who you are.

@Nofearon Doing this for the badge

@TheInsanePizzaFace @Nofearon Love not war :herb:


Keep fighting I need entertainment

How’d you get licensed?

I asked the bot for the licensed test

How’d you ask? What exactly did you say?

I put
@ discobot start advanced user

Thank you.

Also, I am level 2 but I didn’t get the badge, whats up?


800 Robux seems fair. We’ll see.


The Mighty Berezaa Responded… Let’s See…

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Just remember;

Yep, he said “We’ll see,” so there’s a chance but unconfirmed.

EDIT: Just snagged 100th reply.

Got it. Lol

1,000 robux is like 11-12 dollars USD. It’s not that much at all, most steam games are more expensive and suck more. This game is well made, and is well worth the money. I don’t even care if I don’t get rewarded for paying, I have wanted a game like this forever and i’m glad to give the developers money, as they have finally created a good rpg on roblox.

The only way I would be against the price is if 1. The game is better than I thought, in which they should raise the price and 2. If the game is super buggy upon release and still has stuff like “poisonous air” even after they said it was fixed, in which the price should be lowered drastically, to about 200 robux - 500 robux depending on the severity of the bugs.

Getting a reward for doing something I already would have done without a reward, i’m all for it. And i’m fine even if I don’t get a reward and the game stays paid access. If it was free, it would be so laggy and filled with millions upon millions of players.

I understand, as many others said the exact thing you said before you. But, we’ll see what happens.