100% Why The Game Shouldn't Be 1k Robux !Confirmed!

I think 1000 Robux is good. Even if it does not go free to play I would love to just play the game. And all the work the Vesteria team has put into the game is already pretty hot, I think they deserve the robux. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah but the only problem I have is potential data resets

Well if they do have a data reset (assuming you are talking about if it goes free to play). Then we get some cool stuff :smile:

Yep, but whatever you progressed would be lost. You would get the same thing a level 1 who bought access would if u were level 30.

Oh yeah. :thinking: I’m not really one to complain about stuff like that, but I could see how that could make some players sad.

I see a lot of confusion in this thread so I figured I need to clarify some things.

  • We may wipe data during the Alpha, but only if we have to

  • Beta will still be paid access, most likely at the same price

  • If we ever drop the paid access price (we don’t have plans to, but if we do…) we will treat it the same as going free and reward players who bought the game full-price.

  • Data will not be wiped Beta onwards, including if we go free.


When did I ever say I care about a reward. What I said was, people use the reward to justify the game’s price. The “WHAT”, that I said at the end of the article, was to represent the question “What justification would one have now for the price of the game being that high?”

If you read the full article before replying, you might have interpreted that, but reading seems to be one of the skills that this community is lacking.

Well You Clearly Can’t Read Considering I Was Replying To


I wasn’t focusing on who you replied to, I was focusing on what Phoenix said.

And what does you replying to Phoenix have to do with me not being able to read? If you read my full comment, you would realize that what you said was just a cause.

People and their reasoning these days…

The Way You Put It Was Like I Was Replying To You As You Said

Which Is Why I Said It.

I Was Just Replying To What OTHER People Said. Then You Just Decide To Quote Mine.

You misread, how does “When did I ever said I cared about the game” match up with the response that you said, which was;

It would make more sense to answer that question when replying to Phoenix’s response, which is;

Please read carefully. Maybe, for future reference, I should state specifically who I am referring to when I respond, because knowing that this community doesn’t read, this would prevent a lot of misunderstandings…

And by the way, I did not quote you because I was trying to point out what you said, I quoted you because your comment is what lead to Phoenix’s response.

I was not pointing out anything about you other than that fact.

Seeing that you took offense to me quoting you, I thought that I should point this out. Quoting is not something to take offense over if you see someone do it to you. It is simply a way of showing past comments

Considering I Made My Comment Due To What Phoenix Said

Is 100% Incorrect.

You still haven’t read. This is the order the messages went in.

The messages are sent in this exact order. Now, I was responding to;

But used your quote to show WHY Phoenix said what he said. I am not focusing on what you said, but what Phoenix said. If you don’t understand what I am trying to say after me saying this for a second time, then you are refusing to read anything that I say.

Yeah… No… What Phoenix Wrote Made Me Say What I Wrote. So Saying I Made Phoenix Say That Really Isn’t True.

Yup, you’re just trolling.

I Love No Access.