100% Why The Game Shouldn't Be 1k Robux !Confirmed!

Wait wait wait… so you’re saying there is a possibility that you will not make the game free!!! And not only that, but if it doesn’t go free, paid access players wont be rewarded!!!

So where is the justification in the game being 1k ROBUX if there is no certainty that we will get any reward for paying that much."

Throughout the forum, many people use the reward as their justification, so if there isn’t 100% going to be one then WHAT!?!?!

I NEED ME A REWARD after all we are spending 1k robux on it which is a decent amount if no reward is added feels sorta like a scam especially if its only in alpha for a small amount of time which I believe will not be true but you never know :frowning:

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Precisely my point.

I mean, if it doesn’t go free then everyone will have to pay for the game. Nobody will get rewarded since everyone paid 1000 R$ for the game.

That’s an absurd price if you get nothing special out of it, and Im pretty sure many others would say the same. Thus limiting the amount of purchases.

I agree that its a high price, but I think that getting to play the game is what people are paying for. I don’t see why people should be rewarded for buying the game if everyone bought the game.


Not everyone is gonna buy the game, so if we are just paying extra to play and later on the price might lower then what’s the point.

The point is to play the game earlier and to support the devs. If you don’t want to do that, then don’t get the game and wait until later. I don’t understand what the problem with that is. Berezaa has said that he wants a small group of dedicated players for the alpha, so he isn’t expecting everyone to buy the game on release.


Look, the point of this chat was to point out that people could no longer use the reason of getting bonus items in the game to justify the cost, I am not talking about early support, please focus on what I posted and don’t stray from the original topic.

Oh, and I am buying the game as soon as it comes out, but I am still looking for a reason for why it costs $15

Plus, he has said that he believes that this game will be like no other roblox rpg game out there, and will be worth the money. I think that the reward is supposed to be that you get to play the game more.

Okay, I understand where you are coming from, only dedicated fans would be willing to spend that much on the game to enjoy the game play for a longer amount of time. But $15? Money isn’t an easy thing to come by. And seeing that we aren’t getting a bonus, I feel that the extra money we are paying for the game isn’t necessary. That being said, this would allow more dedicated players to play with us.

Overall, I think it should be 10$, which is 800 robux, and is still a bit pricey, but a reasonable price for the game.

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I’m done talking about this, not gonna argue, all I am saying is that people cannot use the point of getting bonus items to justify the game’s cost. That’s that, there is nothing else to discuss.

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I Don’t Even Care About A Reward, Playing The Game Is A Reward To Me. So Paying The R$1000 Cost Is Fine With Me.


Maybe the reward will be cosmetic items, and that we get to keep our level?

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Keeping our level would be totally unfair, but maybe an early start with an exp boost or a sweet starter weapon like in swordburst 2

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at the very least we could get some sort of nametag like in hexaria

surprise surprise
some people don’t need a reward
I will spend 1k robux on this game just because I love it and want to play it
if you don’t want to play it just because that it wields no reward then i hope i won’t see you in-game


That is the opsite of being fair, That would just mean people who already bough the game starts out with OP weapons and having 2x the xp as anyone else has, I don’t think i’d be that unfair considering there will be less then few players who actually is willing to buy the game. And also not p2w beacuse we still would have needed to do all of those leveling and grinding. All of that would go to waste if we did not keep our stats and such. I don’t consider early acess p2w. Since it’s just people who play the game earlier. Dedicated free to play people can quite easliy get to where we are at since we will proably get content is slower phase will they will be able to steam roll trough levels and such beacuse there will be more quest and such to do in order to get more Xp then the people from early access had. So it’s only fair for us to keep our characters and stats. And the last thing i want this game to be is an another generic trash game like Swordburst. I rather have this game as fun with intresting combat and quest then just endless amount of grind fest, with no skill involment at all.

rich and spoiled people nowadays. expect reward for every robux they spend

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