10% scrolls need a mechanical buff

The 10% scrolls are drastically under powered compared to the 70% and 100% weapon scrolls.
The average %increase across all weapons with the 10% scroll is around 22% base, however when you multiply that by it’s chance of success to get it’s weight, it grants on average a 2% increase in the weapons damage; whereas the 70% scrolls have a weighted increase of 7% on average.

The way that I’d fix is by adding a type of scroll that restores a failed scroll attempt. This scroll would only be available from a designated merchant and would cost a fairly large amount of silver mushcoins. Because this just restores possible attempts, it’s likely that the players that use this will need to by quite a few of these scrolls for them to properly maximize their equipment.

Restoration scrolls are already planned, as well as cursed scrolls that completely break the weapon if it fails

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