1 more day till paid access start" Not this week sadly"


you sure?

i would have gotten something on discord or something if it was 1 more day

yup either Friday or Saturday we believe it will be released for paid access im so hypeeddddd

HOPEFULLY we don’t get crushed with yet another delay.

Oh really?

the “next week” is this one .3.

Holy, I’m now confused. Hopefully, berezaa can actually post the full date out lol.

In case you didn’t know, this was already clarified. But what SamUrai posted came after, making some of what I am quoting false info.

According to what berezaa said, it will be out this Saturday, or next Saturday. But it seems like it’s this Saturday because;

So, there ya go.


Thanks for clarifying some stuff to me. I will be hyped for this Saturday or next Saturday. I kinda forgot about that post.

I wonder why he didn’t update the game description.

No problem, glad to help!


MY BODY IS READY!!! :grin:

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